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trusetyven shadowpriest

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trusetyven shadowpriest
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Joined: 30 Jan 2011
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Location: denmark

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Tell us something about your self making sure to mention at least your age and nationality.
Hello My name is Kasper and iam from Denmark iam 20 years old. i like to go out with my friends and play some Football. i like to watch Football to.

2. Character
i) Armory link:

ii) Race, Class, Spec:
human priest and shadow

iii) /Played time:
111 days on my priest. and alot more in totals on alts

iv)I startet playing wow for almost 7 years ago and startet playing my priest. I did not like playing a priest in the beginning so I decided to make a rogue. i played rogue in the most of burning crusade and to Mop and i was healing on my alt wich was my priest. I have always played on priesten and always got it up in the highest lvl , but it was not until Mop I decided and play shadow priest as main. and it was very fun so since the beginning of the mop I have played shadow with OS as dics.

my rotation for as shadow priest.
Devouring Plague with 3 Shadow Orbs.
Mind Blast on cooldown. To Generate Shadow Orbs.
Halo on cooldown.
Mind Flay as a filler spell.
i got insanity chosen for every boss fight almost sinse its the best singel target dps i can get and even on fights where i dot alot like council and horridon its great. only time iam changing it is on durumu where i cant get enouf out of it so i use from darkness comes light.
iam changing alot in the 75 talents where iam using power infusion on fights where i will get most benefit out of it. like horridon when i got time for using my cd and stuff. Divine insigt is more used when fx magera but iam testing that one. twist of fate is used when alot of adds are lower than 20 % all the time and i will get alot more dps increase of it.
the same will go with cascade, halo and divine star its diffrent each fight. fx darm animus is cascade good. and durumu is divine star because of we are running close in the beam phase.

i am starting every fight out with pre pot and 3 orbs so i can use devouring plague and my burst will be higher. then i dot up and just use mind blast and mind flay and ofc halo on cd on singel target fights.

on aoe fight i just dot all up with shadow word pain and the mind sear if there is over 5 tarkets and depends on the fight ofc and its depend on the fight if i am using halo or divine star or cascade Smile

Shadowpriest can bring a steady dps and some healing cooldowns wich can be used on difrent fights. if the group is taking alot of damage i can use my vamperic embrase and halo, can also use divine stat and cascade ofc. i can bring my dispersion to take an ekstra hit if it is needed on some fights to reduce the damage for the raid.

my professions are tailoring/enchant
tailoring for more int on cloak, and enchanting so i can provide to my self.

3. WoW Experience

TBC: did kara sso grull i did all to black tempel then i stopped playing for a while to didnt try sunwell.

WOTLK: full clear in all contents and did and 9/12 hc in icc

CATA: full clear in everything cant remember how many hc in but i can remember i was 6/8 hc in ds before nerfe and got full hc clear when they nerfed.

MOP: full clear in Msv,Hof and Toes. 4/6 hc i msv and 3/6 hc in Hof. protecters elite in Toes to easy and now i got 12 /12 in ToT normal and 5/13 hc.

4. World of Logs


5. Interface

Please post or link a screenshot of your interface in combat. Ideally during a raid encounter, but at a training dummy is acceptable

Please detail your major raid addons and outline your keybindings:
ii) Iam using Elvui, dbm, skada.
Technical stuff. How's your PC and connection?
iii) my ms is 22 and my fps is around 60-120 depends if i got more games open.

6. Previous/Current guilds

been in raiding with the stars, elitism, reflections of perfection, exiled champions, nightmare paragon, and divine edge.

Please detail your current and any former guilds and if applicable your reasons for leaving them

I just left divine edge afther i had a holiday breake, and we had a little problem in the guild. i dindt like the way think where and told em what i felt about it. afther that we didnt really have the people for good progress and i i told em i needed the breake. we lost me and 3 other good members wich means that we lost almost all the best Smile

7. Alts

my shammy:
my dk
my rogue

8. Dragons and You!

i) Please tell us your availibility. Our raiding times are posted in the Guild Rules and in order for your application to be considered you will have to ensure that you can fulfil the attendance requirements.
I can attend to all the raid times.

ii) Why do you want to join Dragons?
i know you guys are serious and i want a serious raiding guild youre having great progress and i want to be a part of that.
iii) What do you believe you would bring to Dragons?
allways prefered for every fights with flask pots and food. reading up about my class and wich spec there is the best for every fight.
iv) If applicable, please list any current members of Dragons you know and who would vouch for you
Arcaydian only one left Smile

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Joined: 07 Jul 2011
Posts: 285
Location: Christchurch, England

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Cheers for the application. While we're discussing it, just a quick question.

Is lifegrip bound? :p

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been playing alot with this guys in firelands and in in start of mop really good player deffo a hc skilled player

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Joined: 30 Jan 2011
Posts: 10
Location: denmark

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Yea life grip is binded with f2 so dont worry Wink
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Joined: 07 Jul 2011
Posts: 285
Location: Christchurch, England

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Sorry about the wait. Going to offer you a trial spot. Whisper one of the officers for an invite.

[23:28:02] [G] [90:Ignitra]: It's hard to shine when you're Kris's friend
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