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Drus - social application

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Drus - social application
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Joined: 06 Apr 2013
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1. Personal

Tell us something about yourself making sure to mention at least your age and nationality.

Iím a kind drunk Belgian animal that has retired from raiding due to real life. Iíve been around since this server has opened, so there are many stories to tell. I prefer to tell those with a beer in my hand instead of writing them here.
Iíve spend most of my wow career in Rofp happily raiding and abusing the slackers with my officer rank. Many a neckpunch was dealt during that time, but I believe nobody suffered permanent damage. I left the guild with pain in my heart because of real life shit. With the launch of cataclysm I joined the reformed Vision that had become a 10 man guild as a core raider.
Recently left Vision because real life once again cut back my raiding hours so I couldnít even attend the two raids a week they do. Which is also the reason I want to apply as social. I generally havenít been enjoying MOP a lot, but iím hoping that a place amongst you folks might change that.

2. Character

i) Armory link:

ii) Race, Class, Spec:
Nightelf allspec druid with a slight preference for furry forms.

iii) /Played time:
292 days on my druid alone (started playing januari 28 2006) Ė all chars combined scares the living shit out of me.

iv) Please tell us about your character. We want to see that you know your chosen class through and through. Things you may want to consider (though by no means an exhaustive list): Why do you play your class? Whatís your rotation? What do you feel this character brings to a group? What would you change for different encounters? Why have you geared/specced/gemmed/chosen those professions as you have? Why should we consider it instead of anything else?

Iíve been playing a long time and have been in guild first kills as bear, cat, tree and owl. When raiding I am constantly adjusting gear, enchants, gems, reforges etc. I run sims, test on training dummies, Ö Basically Iím constantly adjusting and doing whatever is necessary to get the best output for my character in the role Iím playing and with the gear I have.
I can safely say that I know my class in and out.
Since this is a social application, Iím not gonna go into detail about my current gear. Itís pretty shit anyways.

3. WoW Experience

We are especially interested in the raids/bosses/achievements you did while they were still current. Try to be as detailed as you can. Please also feel free to list any high level PvP experience or anything else you feel may be relevant.

Think you can pretty much copy/paste that from Darealshammy and add a bit more skill on top of that :p Following link should give you a pretty good idea: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/quelthalas/Drus/achievement#81

4. World of Logs

Donít think this applies to me 

5. Interface

i) Please post or link a screenshot of your interface in combat. Ideally during a raid encounter, but at a training dummy is acceptable.

Can't get a picture posted. Basically it's an Elvui interface with some extra - ease of life - addons.

ii) Please detail your major raid addons and outline your keybindings:
Running with a basic DBM Ė Tidy Plates Ė Recount Ė Omen Ė GTFO - Obituary package for raiding.

iii) Technical stuff. How's your PC and connection?
While I did raid from vanilla up untill WOTLK on a shitty laptop that often gave me the full 4 FPS, I upgraded to a decent desktop last year that allows me to play the game on max settings with an above average connection.

6. Previous/Current guilds

Below a short overview of the guilds Iíve been in on my druid, with Rofp and Vision being the most serious ones.
Vision (Jan 30, 11)
Reflection of Perfection (Jun 22, 06)
Stormwind Patrolers (Mar 23, 06)
The Eclectic Exposition (Feb 16, 06)
The Order Of Ages (Feb 14, 06)

On alts iíve been in many old quelíthalas guilds like Knights of ni, Iris, Dawnblade en Truefaith.
Iím also a founding member of Dragon Knight, but Iíd like to consider that as one of those beginner mistakes 

7. Alts

–russ Ė Nelf Arms warrior that I currently play more then my druid.
Armory link is malfunctioning atm since i recently changed to Nelf. (Shadowmeld is pure win when you need a new drink)

8. Dragons and You!

i) Please tell us your availibility. Our raiding times are posted in the Guild Rules and in order for your application to be considered you will have to ensure that you can fulfil the attendance requirements.
Can always fill a spot if needed, but donít expect more then lfr gear.

ii) Why do you want to join Dragons?
Recently left Vision and iím fed up of talking to myself all night 
Some of the best times I had in wow were shared with current members of Dragons, so I thought it would be a good place to spend the very casual wow life that i live at the moment.

iii) What do you believe you would bring to Dragons?
World Peace

iv) If applicable, please list any current members of Dragons you know and who would vouch for you
Iíve been around a long long time, mainly on my druid, so I think there might be a fair few people that know me in Dragons (points his finger at those ex rofp players)
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Joined: 18 Sep 2012
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Location: Sweden

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One of the most skilled players iv ever come across in wow.
one of the most fun players iv ever come across in wow as well Very Happy

any guild should count themselfs lucky to have him tbh.

not that my word will carry much weight, but Dareal will back this up, and who can refuse a blue space monster like dareal?? Razz

The stuff I have seen this player pull of with, like he said: 4fps, is frankly amazing.
the amount of time he made me spray beer across my comp screen in laughter is up pretty high as well.

@Drus. i hope u get in and that you will enjoy yourself m8. no gizbo in this guild to abuse, but I am sure you will make do somehow hehe /holds up a beer and salutes

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Joined: 23 Jan 2012
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We don't tend to need proper applications for social positions, but thank you for taking the time to fill it in. Should you change your mind about raiding, I think we could probably find space for a good kitty/owl. The latter especially, so you can take Anarki's loot, rather than mine.

Please have a word with Dareal when you're both next online.

Mon May 20, 2013 11:17 am View user's profile Send private message

Joined: 23 Jan 2012
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Khaalima wrote:

not that my word of it will carry much weight but Dareal does

Mon May 20, 2013 11:21 am View user's profile Send private message

Joined: 11 Dec 2011
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Happy panda (ex-draenai) with this app Smile

Give me a /w when you are next on.

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Joined: 06 Apr 2013
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Location: Belgium

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Kharienn wrote:
We don't tend to need proper applications for social positions, but thank you for taking the time to fill it in.

Talked briefly with dareal before writing my application.
Even as social I think filling in an application is a good way of introducing yourself to all those people that don't know you (yet).

I must admit that I had a lot of fun trying to remember (and looking up) what guilds I've been in. Finding out how many times I did a drunk /gquit while in rofp was a good nostalgic exercise Very Happy

Thanks for the replies, and hope to see you soon ingame!

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Joined: 03 Feb 2011
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Episode III: The Return of Fuzzball

Hi there Drus ^^,

Even though i'm pretty inactive atm, i'm glad we'll meet again,
this guild can use more belgians, seriously.

tot binnenkort wrs,


Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/CalairielQT?feature=mhee

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