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Warlock Application- Chozan

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Warlock Application- Chozan
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1. Personal:

My name is Ulrika and im soon about to turn older, 32 will be my age =( I live in Sweden with my boyfriend Martin (Gillström on armory), he has sadly stopped playing WoW and focus on early workdays and some social wow/cs gaming. I have a 10 year old son called Simon and together with Martin we have a girl called Ronja which are 3 years of age. I work as waitress on a local pub during daytime. I also work extra in a hamburger restuarant (like Mc Donalds sortathing). In my spare time i hang with friends, visiting family and just enjoy myself.

2. Character:

i) Armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/quelthalas/Chozan/simple
ii) Race, Class, Spec: Bloodelf Destruction Warlock with affliction offspecc.
iii) /Played time: 260+ days
iv) I usually raid/ed being destruction mainspecc since early TBC, recently coming back to WoW after being of for a long time (before FL came) i tried affliction and i liked it slightly, early Panda destruction wasent good enough so was a bit forced to try affliction out. Now after buffs to destruction that has been my mainspecc again and i really LOVE it Smile
My rotation usually goes: Pre pot - immolate- conflag for 3 backdrafts - 3 incinirates - chaosbolt with dark soul keybinded * as many embers i have - conflag etc. It all varies to when my trinkets etc procs during a fight, usually they pop quite instantly so then my rotation changes and i try and get off some CB for some high bursts. If there are more than 2+ mobs/bosses i try and manage to fit in a rain of fire for some extra quick embers.
Im slightly rusty raiding normal/heroic raids seeing i only managed to LFR since i came back, however i have done a few 10 man with my latest guild and my dps/surv was fine. Still need to adapt for faster reactiness on hard modes but iguess those will come back when u dont have to stand still dps in LFR Wink I do try and avoid things in LFR cause i dont wanna look stupid! Razz

3. WoW Experience:

Started playing in TBC on Ghostland server being main alliance druid, leveled a horde warlock and made lots of friends, me and a friend transfered to Quel Thalas around when Zul Aman came out, wasent high enough lvl at the time to clear it so started with Karazhan-Gruul etc. Later on i joined Bollklubben (after Wmil and co left One Wish) and got BT attuned killing Illidan on BK:s third or forth raid. Stayed there for a while but not much happened so when SWP came i joined Unstable Connection and was struggling with Kalesgos because we didnt use any sorta "speak" program so everything happened via whisper macroes which caused a lot of sad wipes because half of the people that got the teleport thing on the boss encounter dc:ed so no one knew when to take portals.
Around that time me and a friend (Kipia) got poached by Foggy that was in a guild called Ordo Templi Draconis on Shadowsong server so he payed my transfer there and i soon became a hardcore 6 days a week raider who raided SWP. This was the best guild i ever been in, not due to only good progress but mostly because of the friendship we had within. We had so much fun even tho we were wiping on Muru for about 4 months (summer and people going afk/leaving for irl and new people joined every week). As some of you probably know Muru pre nerf was a absolute pain and you could not make a single mistake or you had a wipe on your hands. But nerf came and we one shotted him and Kil jaeden. Around this time we also did weekly ZA runs where i obtained the armani warbear which im very proud of because it was still hard to get at that time. OTD came to a tipping point where our GM stopped for IRL matters and we had a "merge" with a new GM taking over and things kinda fell apart so instead we created a new guild called Nox where we leveled and farmed heroics and then we cleared Naxxramas (early WOTLK).
This new guild however turned bad for me and my boyfriend that i met in this guild so we went to Quel Thalas again and we joined With or without you that had Foggy as GM. We did Satharion 3D, Malygos < 6min, we almost had Immortal but somehow it bugged on Gothik the harvester so adds came trough the walls from the trash after the boss and wiped the raid. Ticket didnt solve anything so we kinda gave up on that achivement but we did get the 10 man version. We did some ptr Ulduar with them but Foggy as most of you maybe know is a very special person (and MEAN) so we looked for another guild and we joined Qt Yacth Club and cleared Ulduar and some of Trial of the crusader. We idled there for a while and quit playing for sometime cause we found it boring.
Came back and faction transferd to alliance to join a friend Gentex in Bloodline, Bloodline was a very casual guild with some not so experienced raiders, we did manage to kill a few bosses on normal 25. We felt that we couldnt progress much with them so we applied to Quantum and got accepted. We killed 9/12 LK heroic and then sadly Quantum "merged" with Illuminati creating the new guild Horizon, cant remember exactly what happened in there, but i think people went Mia etc so we didnt raid much at all. I think about that time we transferd back to horde joining Bollklubben for the second time clearing early Catalysm bosses on normal and killed some on heroic, being only scandinavian we had difficulties getting proper 25 man heroic team going so they formed a 10 man version. Having mutliple classes we didnt get to go very often (irl friend favorism) so we got really bored and quit playing focusing on the children and irl until Pandaria. During the quit period we finished GW2 and myself raided progress in Rift. When we dinged 90 we joined Fivehundred fights as casuals doing some alt runs and LFR. Now they left the server and horde is DEAD i decided to come alliance again cause i have friends in Dragons and outside.

4. World of Logs:

My ToT run.

5. Interface:

i) http://img826.imageshack.us/img826/3650/wowscrnshot042313203845.jpg
ii) Pitbull, BT4, affdots, DBM, recount, I use 1-9 for spell rotation and have some other important keys binded to F buttons. Some spells i click, YES i do count sometimes as a bad ass clicker Wink But have been playing like that in all my games since 2006 so have adapted fairly well to my playstyle Very Happy If you have some more helpful feel free to tell me and i will fix them Smile
My pet ability is keybinded to incinirate so it will be used on every cooldown.
iii) My computer runs fine and my internet connection is very very stable (Bredbandsbolaget 100/10mbit).

6. Previous/Current guilds:

Bollklubben TBC - Left after BT and we didnt have enough to progress in SWP. Cant remember why Wink
Unstable Connections TBC - They had very very bad connections and no TS or Vent, made it very annoying to raid with them. Poached by Foggy to a new server.
Ordo Templi Dracons/NOX TBC and early WOTLK - Both guilds fell apart due to leavers and afker:s (best guild i ever been in)
With or Without you WOTLK - Fall out with jerk Foggy, he didnt treat people well at all.
Qt Yacth Club WOTLK - Couldnt get raids going or progress in Trial of Crusader, quit playing WoW
Bollklubben CATA - Raided BoT and BWD, started as 25 ended with 10 man core group so we once again quit to IRL
500 fights PANDA - Social members doing LFR. They moved to a pvp server and we didnt wanna go there.
Dragons PANDA - Social member but looking for more raiding Wink
1 thing to notice here is that im not a guildhopper! IF i had the chance to go back in the past i would have fought harder to keep OTD alive, but that is sadly ancient history and now i just wanna find a good guild, with 30+ people logged in during the days and just be social and hopefully raid. In the past that havent really been possible (apart from OTD, BK and Quantum).

7. Alts:

Elemental Shaman with Restoration offspecc. Ilvl 504. Already in the guild as social Smile

8. Dragons and You!

i) Hopefully i can attend every single raid. My work scedule is quite good and i only work 4 h a day normally. Previous raid attendence was pretty much 100% during all my raiding experience so it shouldnt really be a issue here Smile
ii) Its my only choice for this server, cause i like the members and it has some of my old friends in it like Orixa, Kharienn and even Anarki himself Wink
iii) DPS hopefully, and a friendly person that enjoys to help others and just have a good time. Enjoy alt runs, guild fun events. Im very mature and helpful.
iv) Kharienn, Orixa, Anarki but dunno what they think of me Razz
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Impressive application, gl with it Smile

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Nice app there is just one thing i noticed in your lfr parce was your up time on Havoc. In any situtation where there is more than 1 target this should Always be on Cd. As your conflag, incinerate etc are building double embers with that up. You can also use 3 Shadowburns with it by havocing a different mob above execute range then shadowburning the low heath mob. Hope this helped good luck with the app Smile

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Joined: 18 Apr 2013
Posts: 13
Location: Eskilstuna, Sweden

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Aye agree Oge. Im not using havoc as much as i should (well barely but deffo will start using it, havent really thought of it much tbh) *ashamed* Will deffo keybind it better and use it as much as i possible in my rotation where there are +2 adds/bosses Smile

Thank you for pointing it out Smile
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