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Death knight - Kneehow

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Death knight - Kneehow
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Joined: 06 Apr 2013
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1. Personal

Hello, My name is Rasmus im 22 year old, i play some different games beside wow mostly bf3 and counter strike, i dont go to school and i have a weekend job. Smile

2. Character

i) Armory link:


ii) Race, Class, Spec:

Death knight

iii) /Played time:

185 days but i think it abit more if a take all my chars.

iv) Please tell us about your character. We want to see that you know your chosen class through and through. Things you may want to consider (though by no means an exhaustive list): Why do you play your class? What’s your rotation? What do you feel this character brings to a group? What would you change for different encounters? Why have you geared/specced/gemmed/chosen those professions as you have? Why should we consider it instead of anything else?

I play my Death knight because i think its a fun class to play, and i have played it for many years now, i did have a little break on it in firelands(played priest there)

My 2 handed frost rotation:
Frost Fever, Blood Plague, up at all times.
Soul Reaper on target below 35% Health.
Howling Blast with Rime proc
Obliterate with killing machine proc
And Frost strike from time to time.

Death knights can bring a steady dps, good survivability,
But i think you should pick me instead of the my class, i have great history of raiding, im constantly reading up on my class trying to improve myself in the best ways, looking at logs after other death knights, reading guides etc.
i dont think there really is much to change from boss to boss as a death knight.
i can improve my gear alot, some of it dont have the right stats but with some good raiding it can be changed quickly.
I am mainly going for the strength gems atm because i feel they are the best for me atm.
Inscription i have have been using since it came out, i like it.
Enchanting to make enchants.
i dont really care about profession, i choose what i like Smile

You should consider it because Death knights are awesome and its only getting better with me playing it.

3. WoW Experience

We are especially interested in the raids/bosses/achievements you did while they were still current. Try to be as detailed as you can. Please also feel free to list any high level PvP experience or anything else you feel may be relevant.

TBC: did Kara 1 or 2 times.
Wrath: All of it; ICC hc, ToC hc, naxx+os3d+EoE, Ulduar.
Cata: Firelands 6/7 hc didnt really do any of the other raids.
Pandaria: Only got 5/5 MSV and 5/6 HoF. I raided with RL friends, and the guild disbanded,
6/12 Tot.

4. World of Logs

A link to a recent WoL parse is required. (Should you not have access to a recent log, please record a LFR run. Check here how to do so)


5. Interface

i) Please post or link a screenshot of your interface in combat. Ideally during a raid encounter, but at a training dummy is acceptable

ii) Please detail your major raid addons and outline your keybindings:

I use Elvui, Dbm, Recount.

iii) Technical stuff. How's your PC and connection?

Intel i5-3570K, 4 x 3.40 Ghz (3.80 Ghz Turbo)
BLOODFREEZR 50FH/Asetek Watercoolersystem.
2x4GB 1600MHz, TRAUMATIZR Series

My internet connection is 20/2 but i will get 30/30 next month.

6. Previous/Current guilds

Please detail your current and any former guilds and if applicable your reasons for leaving them

On quel'thalas i have been in Elitism, Scion, Nightmare paragon(Friend guild) and atm in Divine edge.

Divine edge is a fine guild with some great people(social way) in it but the raiding is ruined we lack some good people and the officer aint doing much to improve the team and i would like to do some serious raiding thats why i would like to leave them and join you guys.

7. Alts

Please provide Armory links for any seriously played alts

My Priest:

My Monk

My Paladin:

My Mage:

8. Dragons and You!

i) Please tell us your availibility. Our raiding times are posted in the Guild Rules and in order for your application to be considered you will have to ensure that you can fulfil the attendance requirements

I can attend to all the raid times.

ii) Why do you want to join Dragons?

Im looking for a good guild with some great people in it and i think dragons is something for me.

iii) What do you believe you would bring to Dragons?

I am a great team player, im always reading up on tacs, im always prepared with flask, food and potions for the boss fights.

iv) If applicable, please list any current members of Dragons you know and who would vouch for you

Imaclicker, Arcaydian and Zoroboss. RL friends.
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Joined: 13 Jan 2013
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Really down to earth and dedicated player.
Got my upvote, good luck with the application
Mon Apr 08, 2013 12:27 am View user's profile Send private message

Joined: 20 Feb 2013
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Hell no, he is a fag!
Biggest noob to walk this earth!

baah, just kidding! got my upvote ^^
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Cheers for the app. Sorry, a bit of a late reply. We're in the midst of discussing what our roster does and doesn't need, if it needs anything. We'll let you know shortly.

[23:28:02] [G] [90:Ignitra]: It's hard to shine when you're Kris's friend
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Just wondering why are u using spark instead of shado pan assault trinket ?
Thu Apr 11, 2013 11:27 pm View user's profile Send private message

Joined: 06 Apr 2013
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Simlply testing it, i have just changed to Festerblight and i will be using Shado pan next time. Smile
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Joined: 07 Jul 2011
Posts: 285
Location: Christchurch, England

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Sorry it's taken so long.

Unfortunately due to current roster numbers, we can't take on additional trial members at the moment. However, we would like to offer a social spot due to your contacts in guild. If you'd prefer to keep looking in search of a guild where a raiding spot is guaranteed, that's completely understandable. It's entirely up to you.

If you'd like to accept the social spot offer, /w one of the officers in game. If you want to continue searching for a guild to suit your raiding preferences, best of luck and I hope you find something soon.

[23:28:02] [G] [90:Ignitra]: It's hard to shine when you're Kris's friend
Tue Apr 16, 2013 6:10 pm View user's profile Send private message
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