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Tysha, Hunter application

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Tysha, Hunter application
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Joined: 05 Feb 2013
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Post Tysha, Hunter application Reply with quote
This is a short application, with only the most crucial requested information. Enjoy!

1. Personal
I'm a 20 year old norwegian everyday normal guy, and I live to work, rather than work to live. I like to play and listen to music, enjoy a good movie with the missus, go out with friend, and just hang out.

2. Character
I : Got 11 characters, but the armory link for main character, Tysha is: eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/quelthalas/Tysha/simple
II : Race: Night Elf, always have been. Class: Hunter, prefered main character. Spec: Currently playing Survival and Beast Mastery.
III: Played time on Tysha is around 199 days.
IV : A hunter is a ranged class, with (usually) a beast as a pet. They liketo sit in the woods, scouting for enemies and harvest meat from bears, boars, bees and any other thing that starts with b and contains flesh. They are also quite reluctant to kill critters and animals in general, but can turn around given a good reason. A hunter is always wise to have by your side, as they can both make their pets keep aggro off it's companions, and are great chefs and fishermen, and are overall great at survival! The rotation of a hunter is rather easy: One arrow > the next arrow > the next one. The prioritation of this is to first mark your enemy, so you know where to hit it. Then comes an arrow covered in venomous poison, followed by several arrows triggered with explosives. If your target has low health you probably you like to try go in for the kill next. Next comes to shoot a arrow dark as the night itself, in an attempt to frighten the target, and then throw a couple of glaives on it if you got some. Arrows from a magician is also quite handy, as it causes neat damage, and last but not least you want to use an arrow with venom prolonger.
For a hunters equipement it is always handy to have some semi light gear that helps you cause double damage, and shoot more of your arrows.
Profession wise it is but natural to some way be able to exploid all the beasts one mercilessly slaughter, and maybe craft something from it. This is at least the common opinion.

3. WoW experience.
I started participating in the World of Warcraft when it was first released, in 2004. I have been a raider on an off since the start off The Burning Crusade expansion, From the setbacks of Kael'Thas, to the fall of the Lich King, and saving the world from a cataclysm comes a relaxed, and unharmed hunter.

4. World of Logs.
Since I haven't been participating in any raids worthy of logging since the first weeks of Pandaland, but I still have some screenshots from LFR, Elegon and other normal mode kills. If desireable I could either log a LFR run, or have someone go with me.

5. Interface.
My interface is the standar WoW UI, with Atlas Loot, Skada, DBM, Omen, Altoholic, Gatherer and WIM being the only additions. As for the connection is it rarely laggy, and I can't remember the last time it went down without my own help.

6. Previous/Current guilds
My current guild is Divine Edge, which is a nice guild in it's own way, with nice people, but I no longer feel like I am a part of. I have been a member of it for almost two years now, with a short two week stay in RwtS for a month in February '12 inbetween. Before Divine Edge I was in Iris during ToC and ICC, and before that The Shining Dawn.

7. Alts
I got 10 alt characters on Quel'Thalas, the most played few mention belowed:
Lovian: Arcane/Fire/Frost Mage (depending on demand): eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/quelthalas/Lovian/simple
Tiesha: Resto/Feral/Guardian Druid: eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/quelthalas/Tiesha/simple
Danethor: Blood/Frost DW DK: eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/quelthalas/Danethor/simple
Åsåsinna: Legendary grinder: eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/quelthalas/Åsåsinna/simple

8. Dragons and You!
I : I am currently online almost every day, several hours. The hours itself varies depending on wether there is something to do online or not.
II : I got into talk with Mysti, and suddenly I found myself wanting to write an application for Dragons!
III: I believe I could bring a good mood, help in the ways of advice, company through instances and raids, and information about this and that (Quality not reasssured).
IV : Within Dragon's ranks I know many people, but would only say I speak to a few. Among them being Mysti and Aeka.

Thanks for reading me through, and hope I didn't cause a massive headache if you read it on a computer or tab with small letters!
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Post Reply with quote
Thanks for your app.

Just in case you weren't aware here are your most recent logs.


We will review your app and get back to you soon.

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Location: Christchurch, England

Post Reply with quote
A few things.

Firstly, could you save and upload a screenshot of your UI for us?
Secondly, Anarki mentioned that from a chat you had with him, you mentioned that you'll be in some kind of job in 2 weeks. Will that affect your ability to make 4 raids per week?
And lastly,

I started participating in the World of Warcraft when it was first released, in 2004.

US servers?

Cheers for the application.

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Post Re: Tysha, Hunter application Reply with quote
Tiesha wrote:
This is a short application, with only the most crucial requested information

If I were you, when applying to a guild, I'd do my damndest to ensure they took me, rather than the least required.

Tiesha wrote:
A hunter is a ranged class, with (usually) a beast as a pet. They liketo sit in the woods, scouting for enemies ... shoot more of your arrows.

Very nice story. Now do you think it would be helpful to actually talk sensibly about your rotation and what you do to get the best out of your class?

Just had a quick look at your profile and you also appear to be using 2 trinkets that share a cooldown on their procs. You'd be better if you replaced one of them with a blue dungeon trinket, let alone a Relic of Xuen. You're well below the Expertise cap and slightly below the Hit cap - I know that you're short your helm currently, but I don't see it making up 560 expertise on its own. You're also missing a belt buckle.
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Joined: 07 Jul 2011
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Post Reply with quote

Tier helm, 567 expertise. Just to clear that up.

Although what Kharienn says is also true. Could you perhaps talk a bit about your class bar the roleplay-esque wording? Like, rotation, stat priority, why you've geared a particular way, your trinket choices.

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Joined: 23 Jan 2012
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Post Reply with quote
Fair enough.
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Joined: 05 Feb 2013
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Post Reply with quote
A screenshot added of UI, during a Scenario. Nothing fancy but it works.
And yes, I first started out on US servers, but moved to EU later on. Didn't play that much in Vanilla, however.
Neither did I know those two logs were still on WoL still. Smile
The Belit buckle I am aware is missing, but since I don't raid normal mode unless specifically requested I haven't geared and enchanted my gear properly yet.
As for my rotation it's more of a priority list than a proper rotation, this to make useage of procs and keeping up DoTs more optimal. The list is as mentioned in the first post Hunters Mark > Serpent Sting > Explosive Shot > Kill Shot (targets below 20% health) > Black Arrow > Last talent in the hunter tree (for me Glaive Toss) > Arcane Shot (as focus dump when above 50 focus) > Cobra Shot (when below 50 focus).
My stat priority is Agi (as base stat) > Crit > haste > mastery.
For the trinkets I pop the Crit trinket (duration 15sec), and when it ends I pop the Haste one (duration 15sec), This gives me 50% uptime with trinkets, being 30sec with both, winthin the minute they cooldown. They don't share cooldown, but can't be poped at the same time. The main reason I got them is because of the plan Agility they have.
I am 100 percent certain I am above both the hit and expertise caps, screenie for this added, too.
The job I did discuss with Anarki the other night, and I don't think they should cause any issues with raiding, just informed that I'm not 100 percent sure it won't. Smile

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Joined: 03 Feb 2011
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Post Reply with quote
Hi there,

Playing a hunter myself, permit me to ask you a few questions regarding playing hunter in raids:

1. Likely you're aware of 3 currently very viable setups to raid with: BM, SV (TotH) and SV (DB); What build would you favor over others in varying situations?

2. I noticed in your logs you're using Lynx Rush: Anything to keep in mind when using it, and why would one favor it over A murder of Crows (or why not)?

3. I can't help but notice your actionbar shows the standard 1 to - keybinds (with the exception of F added for Readiness). While most of your rotational abilities seem to be easily reachable, serpent sting is bound to 7 (on your SV screenshot), Multi-Shot to 8 Glaive Toss to 9, and Deterrence and Feign Death aren't bound (both of which often need to be used in a blink of an eye), nor Disengage.

Do you feel like you're using these abilities optimally?


Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/CalairielQT?feature=mhee

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Joined: 05 Feb 2013
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Post Reply with quote
Dear Calariel.
I got a SV spec with TotH for optimized AoE, and SS refreshing. And I use crows, what you are looking at is probably my BM spec, which I used that raid for Heroism.
I do also play BM for single target fights, since it's slightly better for that.
As for my survival cooldowns such a Deterrence I simply click them, with the exception of traps and scatter shot/interrupt. Knowing the fight mechanical I will know aproximately when damage reduction will be most benefitial, and when to move quickly from one place to another.
I did use to have them bound, but prefered other keybinds to the 12 extra mouse buttons rather than Det, Feign and Disengage.
I definitely feel like I can react quick enough to click them without keybinds, especially as I usually got my mouse around the Rapid Fire icon. Spells are positioned to be easily accessible Wink

- Regards, Tysha
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Post Reply with quote

Just another resident hunter chiming in with a few questions.

The logs posted were BM and your armory, as well as the spec in your screenshout are all BM. You also mentioned playing it on single target fights. However, the rotation you described was for survival. Could you detail your BM rotation as well?

You didn't mention Crows or other longer CDs in your rotation. Assuming a tank and spank fight with no need to save them specifically, how would you manage your cooldowns? (both for SV and BM).

Lastly, Cala already touched on this, but what is your reason for choosing LR over AMOC for BM? could you describe the pros and cons of both?

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Post Reply with quote
Hi Gnolp.
Yes this first screenshot is of a BM spec, took it right after the Darkmoon Arena.
The second however is of my SV spec: If you look closely the only abilities that are changed are the 1-6 + 0 action buttons (dps ones), and some of the right action button (custom spec buttons).
BM start rotation is: Serpent Sting -> BW -> RF (not on GCD) + Kill Command -> Lynx Rush -> Glaive Toss -> Arc Shot -> Kill Command -> Arc shot x2 -> Readiness -> Reapply BW and rotate by priority list.
Prio as BM is Serpent Sting > Bestial Wrath > Kill Command > Kill Shot > Focus Fire (Do not consume during BW) > Glaive Toss > Arc shot (above 50focus) > Cobra shot (below 50 focus).
After the first cooldown usage with Readiness refreshing, I use Rapid Fire and Lynx Rush depending on when it suits the fight.
For SV it's the same with Crows and Rapid Fire, use when best fit.
As I stated in my previous post I chose TotH for AoE and serpent refresh, and Crows because it plainly causes more damage than Lynx Rush would doas a SV (scaling better with Agility than Rush, which scales better with the mastery on BM than Crows does)
Then again I rarely play Beast Mastery expect for soloing instances and raids, or for raid demand of heroism (or fights that require rapid, and short periods of burst damage).
It's nice to be asked questions, and have constructive feedback! Very Happy

- Tysha
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Post Reply with quote
Hi Tysha

First of all i actually found you application quite funny with the RP part. Plus another hunter is always welcome in my opinion, but apart from that i think we would like some more serious information on top of the RP element.

I have a few questions myself aswell:

What is your goal? Raiding, casual play or smth else?

I know both Gnolp and cala both asked into this, but could you provide a specific rotation for the raidspec(s) you are using? - NVM, I can see you already answered that

Personally i find it irrelevant which keybinds people are using as long as it is logical to the person using it.

Concerning lynx rush, i think Gnolp already covered this. On top of that i think you use TotH for HCs or certain fights like Will and Windlord, other than that DB is the top DPS talent in that tier.

@Enchants + stats
The enchant on the raidfinder wep you are using arent optimal. I dont know if that is a financial problem though.

You seem a bit overcapped at hit.

Do you use any form of gear optimizer? (if you do; which one(s)?)

Sincerely Imaclicker
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To Clicker.
I've already had a nice chat with anarki about my personal situation and goals: I do enjoy raiding, but to me it isn't something I must do. If it's desireable, then it is something I would like to do.
As for the lacking belt buckle, and not so optimal weapon enchant it's not because of financial problems, but rather the lacking need of having them: Without raiding I personally haven't seen another reason to be purchasing one. Smile
For gearoptimizer I try to get as close to 7.5% on hit and expertise, but due gear it isn't always easy to get spot on. I use WoWReforge, but with my own stat value inputs (the way I prefer it to be).
But both for survival and BM it is Agility > crit > haste > mastery (as stated in a previous post).
The reason I got 0.37 too much hit is because I have no hit item to reforge away (or to reforge back into) without losing too much crit.

- Regards, Tysha
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Post Reply with quote
Slowpoking this pretty badly, huge apologies on our part.

We're going to have to decline, I'm afraid. A number of issues popped up here and there and as you can probably tell, this application turned into a Q&A more than an application. Just a note for future, though, save us from having to ask all the questions, make sure you include mechanics and hunter know-how in your initial post. As a raiding guild, we're after things which will make us think "Yeah, this guy really knows his stuff." For a social guild, it would be fine. However, raiding guilds need that extra bit of initial info.

Goodluck finding a guild better suited to you and feel free to apply again at any time in future.

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