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Application: Imaclicker | Hunter SV/BM

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Application: Imaclicker | Hunter SV/BM
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1. Personal

Hi, my name is Christian and im a 21 year old wowplayer who lives in Denmark. At the moment im studying Political science and chilling when im not gaming Smile.

2. Character

i) Armory link:

Normally my Ilvl is 391, with Dire beast and MoC, if it isnt showing that, i might either bee pvping or soloing something/ doing dailies.

ii) Race, Class, Spec:

Pandaren (Best alliance hunter race dps-wise)
Hunter - because its awesome
SV mainly, depends on fights.

iii) /Played time:

Well on my hunter i think its 40 days, since my old guild needed me as hunter in FL hc. But in total of all my classes i guess 400 days or so.

iv) Please tell us about your character. We want to see that you know your chosen class through and through. Things you may want to consider (though by no means an exhaustive list): Why do you play your class? What’s your rotation? What do you feel this character brings to a group? What would you change for different encounters? Why have you geared/specced/gemmed/chosen those professions as you have? Why should we consider it instead of anything else?

Ive had a long history of different classes in Wow. Ive played Rogue since vanilla and throughout TBC, where my main focus were casual pve and competitive pvp - well atleast weps and shoulders. I got bored of my rogue in start of wrath, were i felt uneeded, so i rolled warrior, and pala for a time, and loved warriors position, especially in ICC hc. When Cata came i felt like they ruined the fun of the warrior class, with the rage normalization, and went back to rogue. After a while my guild needed me as a ranged for beth hc and so i rolled hunter. I fell absolutely in love with my hunter, and am a quick learner, and fastly optimized my rotation and adapted to the SV buff in DS.

I feel like, if played correctly, that Hunters have absolutely great dps, great controle and AOE. Other than that i dont think its my class you should pick me for, rather me as a player, where im constantly trying to improve my dps, my rotation, positioning and cd management. I change spec accordingly to what gives the most dps, or what is needed. I use the pet that is needed (for buffs), though the gap between SV and BM is minimal and comes down to, what u are best at most of the fights. Unfortunately it seems there is a cookiecutter spec as hunter, with the exception of 4th boss in HoF, where talent changing is a must.

My gems, gear and profession are mainly chosen because they are the best. I use femaledwarf, and ask mrrobot to optimize, though im also paying attention to what i personally prefer, which is mostly what is best. I keep my knowledge updated on forums, mmo, elitist jerks, manaflask and other 3rd party sites.
My rota is more of a skill priority, which i have used since DS and updated to Pandaria with help from; elitistjerks, manaflask and forum discussion, which i would love to show in a raid.

You should consider a hunter, and especially with me behind the weel, because it will hopefullt benefit the raid team, and i hope my personality would be appriciated in the guild and add a new dimension to the social aspect.

3. WoW Experience

We are especially interested in the raids/bosses/achievements you did while they were still current. Try to be as detailed as you can. Please also feel free to list any high level PvP experience or anything else you feel may be relevant.

Vanilla: Only ZG and MC, i werent really hardcore pve or anything.
TBC: Kara, SSC, Gruul, The Eye, Maggy - i focused on pvp especially since s3.
Wrath: All of it; ICC hc, ToGC hc, naxx+os3d+EoE, except ulduar, where i took a break, because of my gymnasium finals - so only got to Hodir.
Cata: I rerolled to my Rogue again after seeing warriors in a bad state and couldnt continue with my guild. So mostly normal BWD, TotFW and BOT. FL hc 6/7. DS 8/8 hc.
Pandaria: Only got 5/5 MSV and 5/6 HoF. I raided with RL friends, and the guild disbanded, so ive been stuck here for a bit, and there isnt many guilds at Quel'thalas

4. World of Logs

A link to a recent WoL parse is required. (Should you not have access to a recent log, please record a LFR run. Check here how to do so)

U can check the DPS on the different fights. Lowest rank i've been is 11, on Spirit kings.


5. Interface

i) Please post or link a screenshot of your interface in combat. Ideally during a raid encounter, but at a training dummy is acceptable.

Didnt have any of a raid encounter, but just imagine the DMB timers

My keybinds can be seen here: (Using Razor Naga, if you find them odd - and using shift and controle modifiers, if you think some spells are missing)

ii) Please detail your major raid addons and outline your keybindings:

Addons: Recount, DMB, Classtimers (keep track of trinket procs and stings), OmniCC, Omen,

iii) Technical stuff. How's your PC and connection?


Not the best, though lag-free

6. Previous/Current guilds

Please detail your current and any former guilds and if applicable your reasons for leaving them

Loads. I moved to this realm in pandaria to play with some RL m8's in the guild elitism. But the GM wouldnt let us set up a real raid team, because we had to take some members who didnt meet our standards, so we tried to merge with Scion. But we realized that the GM spoke too highly of his members, and that he didnt even have a solid 10man team. So we made Nightmare Paragon and raided for 2 weeks, were we got some progress in HoF, but then we had someone leaving and someone quitting due to that.

7. Alts

Please provide Armory links for any seriously played alts

Old rogue from vanilla --> FL hc

My warrior wich i retired in Cata

My Pala, which also retired in Cata

8. Dragons and You!

i) Please tell us your availibility. Our raiding times are posted in the Guild Rules and in order for your application to be considered you will have to ensure that you can fulfil the attendance requirements.

I can practically raid any day of the week at it seems now, i can schedule around raid times.

ii) Why do you want to join Dragons?

I would really like to go back to 25man raiding, as i did back in Wrath, as i find it more exciting. Also i've heard greatly spoken of Dragons, aswell as it seems your progress is great.

iii) What do you believe you would bring to Dragons?

A great team player, who is devoted to raiding, aswell as keeping a social side to gaming. Always being prepared on tacts and stocked up on food and flasks. So a serious raider, who isnt a douche.

iv) If applicable, please list any current members of Dragons you know and who would vouch for you

Arcaydion, which i raided with since Wrath, who is also a RL m8.

EDITED: Link to keybinds and edited my connection
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Hey, thanks for your apply, accepted for a trial. /.w an officer online for an invite.

80 Druid - Armory
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