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Arcaydian - Affliction Warlock / Demonology Warlock

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Arcaydian - Affliction Warlock / Demonology Warlock
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1. Personal

Tell us something about yourself making sure to mention at least your age and nationality.

Name: Kristian
Age: 20, turning 21 the 12th of January.
Nationality: Denmark

Hey, i'm a 20 years old boy and i live in Denmark.
At the moment i'm done studying but i am to start again the 23th of February. I will be studying maths so i can get it to a higher level to be able to study IT next year. My study times is great and will without a doubt be able to attend to every single raid.
Me and a friend just got ourselves an apartment and will be moving the 1st of February.

2. Character

i) Armory link:


ii) Race, Class, Spec:

I am a Worgen affliction warlock

iii) /Played time:

27 days and 15 hours.

iv) Please tell us about your character. We want to see that you know your chosen class through and through. Things you may want to consider (though by no means an exhaustive list): Why do you play your class? What’s your rotation? What do you feel this character brings to a group? What would you change for different encounters? Why have you geared/specced/gemmed/chosen those professions as you have? Why should we consider it instead of anything else?

Well i'd like to pull in some Wow experience (3. on the template) to start of with.

I have been playing WoW since TBC. TBC was for me my "noobie" days where i was learning the basics of the game. A couple of months after i dinged 70 with my hunter Wrath came out. In wrath i started to get more and more toons to level 80 and one of them was of cause my warlock.
At the time i had my priest and my paladin as main during the wrath period but i always had my warlock as my "fun to play" char. Every time i got bored playing the same old main chars i have always come back to my warlock to have fun playing wow again.
In cata the story is basically the same.
When MoP came out and i started levelling my druid i felt like this wasnt the right toon for me and surely after i dinged 90 and after a couple of raids i felt like the having fun part was gone. So i decided to level my warlock and use all my in wow playing that class.

Of cause mop has changed alot since I started raiding with my lock where I was destro. I have spent a lot time on forums and checking out guides how i could play the best possible warlock. in almost every single guide they agreed that affliction was the best spec so i decided that it was the spec i was going to learn how to play for starters. This was in the beginning of the game and now i have to agree that affliction is the best spec atm.
So i'm gonna talk a bit about my main-spec and the ill talk a bit about my off-spec:

Main spec, Affliction:

so ofc 1 sec before pull i pop a pot (4000 int)

i pop trinkets, dark soul: misery (DS:M) and i pop my doomguard, depending on the fight i might hold on to the doomguard until the boss reaches 20% health where the doom guard does 20% more dmg, but ofc i the fight lasts more than 10 min i pop i straight away. then:

SB --> Soul Swap --> Haunt --> filler (MG)
after this i keep refreshing my dots, might let corruption and UA tick off but reapplying them the secound after, depending on my MG to finish. I always make sure to keep agony up ( to keep 10 stacks up all the time) i try to as much as possible to have haunt up on the boss at all times for the 25 % dot dmg increase:
when the boss reaches 20% health i swap MG with drain soul. and apply dots with SB --> soul swap and at that time its possible to keep a 100% uptime of haunt on the boss
SB = soul burn
MG = malefic Grasp
UA = unstable affliction

off-spec, demo/destro:

atm i'm changing between those 2 specs but i have come to realize taht i would like to have some short of aoe spec so that is why i am demo.
I am not gonna go through my Demo spec as i did with affliction because im mainly gonna be affliction on most fights.

i will mention that with the new patch i will be spending my time in demo form keeping corrution dots up with felflame and getting every single add dotted up with doom and ofc provide myself with the hellfire buff u get in demon form.

Warlocks in general:
i think Warlocks in general is a great attribute to an raid because the provide the raid with utility with the demon gate and survivabillity with healthstones. soulstones is nice aswell giving them an opportunity to cr a fellow raid member. if specced they are able to avoid alot of dmg taken which is also really great in fights where alot of raid dmg is going on.
even though warlocks buff isnt as good as mages theyre a really good asset for a raid

3. WoW Experience

We are especially interested in the raids/bosses/achievements you did while they were still current. Try to be as detailed as you can. Please also feel free to list any high level PvP experience or anything else you feel may be relevant.

I talked a bit on how my overall wow experience was in the character section so im gonna talk about raid progress in this section.

I really started raiding in wrath and mostly this have been 25-man raiding.
i raided alot with a guild called eye of odin, a danish guild on the server skullcrusher. we endedn up having 8/12 hc and 11/12 hc on 10 mans before cata came out.
also managed to get the icc achivement before patch.

in cata i got offered a spot at paranormal the best horde guild at the time, also 25 man.
i was raiding with them and got i think all bosses in BWD down on hc and 2 bosses in bot on hc. after taht the raidleader / gm went on a break and the guild slowly fell apart.
Some IRL friends of mine had meanwhile decided to move to skullchruser and we formed a 10 man guild. we raided alot of firelands hc but had to give up on raggy hc due to the christmasholiday.
we had hc firelands on farm expet raggy for a really long time though and was one of the best guilds at the time.
when DS came out we tried rading abit but our guild fell apart, some took some time of wow.
i went back to eye of odin who was not the same as before and their progress was kinda bad.
i moved to this server with a couple of friends in MoP and its where i am at now.
the reason why im applying to you guys is that i miss the hardcore raiding and the 25 man raiding. the friends im raiding with now and some other is starting to not show for raids and theres alot of whineing instead of focus when we're on a progress boss.

in MoPi have:
6/6 mgv
and 5/6 hof

I see that u guys is doing great but is still in the progress phase and i would really like to be apart of that

4. World of Logs

A link to a recent WoL parse is required. (Should you not have access to a recent log, please record a LFR run. Check here how to do so)

uhmn so one of our raidleaders i doing world of logs once in a while so i have found one here:
if its not enough please let me know

5. Interface

i) Please post or link a screenshot of your interface in combat. Ideally during a raid encounter, but at a training dummy is acceptable.

i have always used standard wow ui but have tried with timers etc but in my own opinion i dont like timers cause i think they take up too much space on the screen even scrolled out etc.

ii) Please detail your major raid addons and outline your keybindings:

DBM -- Recount

main abilities:



wow mouse
shift-q --- shift-e --- shift-r----shift-f

iii) Technical stuff. How's your PC and connection?

latency 40 -50 steady both world and home well may raise abit in raid nothing i notice

framerate is 32 fps


processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 processor 3.20GHZ

6. Previous/Current guilds
Paranormal, eyeofodin, and the one im now nightmare paragon
Please detail your current and any former guilds and if applicable your reasons for leaving them

well the main reasons is not enough raiding days, too many now shows and our raiding time start ½ hour after raid starts "sigh"
im looking for a hardcore guild
and i would really like to raid 25 man agian.

7. Alts

Please provide Armory links for any seriously played alts
got a druid tank, not worth mentioning tbh

8. Dragons and You!

i) Please tell us your availibility. Our raiding times are posted in the Guild Rules and in order for your application to be considered you will have to ensure that you can fulfil the attendance requirements.

I will be able to attend every single raid. i am a really stable guy and rarely got any irl issues.
when i move to my apartment in February, i really can tell it depends on of smoothly the moving goes but if theres no problems u wont even noticed ive moved.
vacations: wellmy familly travels quite abit when we have holidies etc for vinter holiday we're going skiing for a week and summer holiday we travel 2-3 weeks thats properly it so shouldnt be a prob

ii) Why do you want to join Dragons?

think i have mentioned it a couple of times but to recap Very Happy.
i am looking for a (semi/hardcore) 25man guild seeking to progress in the current raids with a steady group of ppl with the same mindset

iii) What do you believe you would bring to Dragons?

an high end raiding experienced player with discipline and a good mood. im a really nice guy in and out of raids i know what im doing when playing. im good at taking criticism and willing to do whatever the guild ask of me.

a little note:
as u can see i have a 485 ilvl and i'd wish it would be abit higher but seeing my luck in loot is quite low even with coins i'd say im more than ready for the progress youre at and i believe i pull out the dps possible in my gear. around the 70-80k on single target bosses with out any dmg buffs

iv) If applicable, please list any current members of Dragons you know and who would vouch for you

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You mentioned that you're done studying but you're going to be starting again on the 23rd of February. Does this mean you'll still be able to keep up the 4 day per week requirement from the 23rd of February onwards or will it hinder your raid availability?

Also, I've noticed you're currently on +14.14% hit according to the Armory, 0.86% under cap. Is there any kind of Warlockish reason for this? I'm no warlock expert (in fact the only comments I usually make about warlocks are when I get fear locked in PvP) but in the logs you provided, a couple of your spells missed, sometimes none at all, sometimes as much as 5% of the time.

Cheers for your application.

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Joined: 17 Dec 2012
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Post Krisandra - answer Reply with quote
Hey Krisandra.

yeah i do start studying again February the 23rd but its from 14:30 to the latest of 18:00. my school is about 30 min away from where im goin to be living and after march the 1st i get to ride my motorbike again so i will be able to get home in like 10-15 min so should not be a problem and if i wont be able to make due to bus problems it wil be for 2 raids tops that i will miss out.

about the hit we ll as affliction u dont loss alot of dps by missing a couple of times, ofc if u miss a haunt it not very good but otherwise it tops a global cd u loss in dps.so in regard of affliction its not a big deal at first i was striving for the hit cap no matter what but when i was looking around on forums and diffrent guides they said that the hit cap wasnt as important as mastery / first haste plateau, but ofc u have to be close to the cap so u wont miss a lot. seen locks with 11% hit doing okay but in my opinion they will lose out on too many spells and ofc i will aim to get the hit cap especially when i know we are gonna go on a fight where my os is required and where hit cap is pretty important. but atm with my current gear i think i would do more dps with not having exactly 15% hit

ps. i dont pvp that much but i'm having fun with the fear, missing the rain of fire stun though ^^

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Joined: 17 Dec 2012
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was just messing around with reforgelite a bit and managed to get hit cap without losing a lot of mastery (120) and im still on the first haste plateau 4717 (4732) and got 15.06% hit. got the staff from not too long ago and thats what made the diffrence so just a little update.

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Accepted for a trial. Whisper one of the officers for an invite.

Be aware, though, that raiding 25 man will be postponed for Christmas until the 2nd of January starting from the 20th. 10 mans should still be available, although these runs won't be required.

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