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PÓdre wants to be a Dragon

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PÓdre wants to be a Dragon
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1. Personal

Hello my name is Rolle Alatensi÷ (PÓdre). I am 18 years old and i live in Finland. I am currently on-the-job learning 8 hours a day but it wont effect in anyway to my raiding. In my free time i like to travel through the woods of azeroth and hug bears.

2. Character

Armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/quelthalas/P%C3%A0dre/advanced

I am a Nightelf hunter. I can play as any spec (survival, beast master or marksman), wont touch marksman though since its underpowered.

I have 26days 4hours 32 minutes and 45 seconds as played time on this character.

The reason my gear is this low is becouse i have been raiding on an other realm for a while now but the guild i was in broke up and now i want to return back to my roots with my main, hunter. I am working a lot for my gear at the moment but not really having luck in LFR or sha of anger.

As for stat prio on hunter i go for the same stats on both Survival and Beast mastery: Agility > hit/expertise rating (untill 7.5% each) > critical strike rating > haste rating > mastery rating

I have always enjoyed playing hunter. Mostly becouse it is somewhat different from other classes and it is simply my favourite (i like to shoot things up while moving).

Rotation: Survival: Keep hunters mark and serpent sting on target at all times. Use ice trap near boss where it will be pulled for a free Lock and load proc. I use Black arrow on every cooldown for Lock and load procs, A murder of crows, Rabid, Rapid Fire, Stampede, Glaive toss and dire beast on every cooldown and Readiness when all cooldowns less than 5minutes long are used. I use cobra shot when all other abilities are on cooldown and i need focus, I use arcane shot if no explosive shot or any cooldowns are up for use and to dump extra focus. I use Killshot on every cooldown once my target goes under 20% health.

Rotation: Beast Master: Keep hunters mark and serpent sting on target at all times. Cobra shot for focus regeneration and to refresh serpent sting, arcane shot to dump any extra focus. Kill command, bestial wrath on cool down (i try to stack them as much as possible), A murder of crows, claive toss, rabid, rapid fire and stampede on cooldown. I use rediness to reset all less than 5 minute cooldowns when they are used and kill shot on target when less than 20% hp

I think hunter is one of the most mobile class. We can basicly do everything while moving. The ability of being able to do every dps ability while moving comes in hand when doing certain tasks on raid bosses. A good example of this is Garalon's Pheromones debuff.

i use beast mastery for single target fights that have not much movement in them and survival for fights that need movement and/or aoe damage.

I take crit over haste becouse critical strike rating scales well with hunters abilities and haste is more for focus regeneration and doesn't effect as much in dmg as crit does. Mastery rating is just not worth it.

3. WoW Experience

in WOTLK 8/12 HC 25man 12/12 ICC 10man normal, 11/12 ICC 25man normal with my mage (Letku, Quel'Thalas)

in Cataclysm 4/6 HC BWD 25man and 1/5 HC BoT 25man. 6/6 BWD 25man normal, 4/4 BoT 25man normal and 2/3 ToFW 25man, quit on firelands, came back on Dragon soul and did 8/8 normal and 1/8 HC with pugs with my hunter (PÓdre, Quel'Thalas)

And Now in Mists of pandaria 6/6 Mogu'shan vault 10man normal, 2/6 HoF 10man normal with my priest (Mutanaamio, Khadgar)

I tried some challenge modes for fun with my priest and did 2 dungeons (Temple of the jade serpent and scholomance) on silver.

4. World of Logs

No logs have been made of the raids i have been in and i can not provide you with an record. I apology for not being able to give you this information.

5. Interface

UI: http://imgur.com/qHxCU (not sure if the link works)

I know some of the addons i use are not nessercary at all, it is just how i have got used to play this game.

My computer has enough power to run 25man raids smoothly, i get maby 1 DC /week.

Major addons: DBM, recount, Xpearl, Bartender

All the abilities i use are keybinded, i might click one or two. Reason why i dont have misdirection binded is becouse i create a macro on the tank.

6. Previous/Current guilds





7. Alts



8. Dragons and You!

My availibility is 100%. Some exceptions might be but i will inform long before they occur.

The reason why i want to join Dragons is that is it the only 25man raiding guild in Quel'thalas and i enjoy raiding in 25man much more than i do on 10man.

To Dragons I will bring Lots of arrows, acitivity and humour once i get to know with people.

I've been in same guild with Gineagle and i have raided with telperion for quite a few times back in scion. Also been in few alt raids with mysti in cataclysm, if memory serves.[/b]

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Joined: 11 Dec 2011
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Thanks for you application.

The link below will show you how to make a log using WoL, you will just need to do LFR.


If you could do this it will help us evaluate your application.

Sat Dec 08, 2012 9:54 am View user's profile Send private message

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Oo, more from finland :3

Sat Dec 08, 2012 3:11 pm View user's profile Send private message

Joined: 07 Dec 2012
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Toke me some time to learn to use it. But here it is:

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Hey PÓdre, great to see more hunters around these parts

I just had a couple questions I thought of while reading through your app:
- You say that Mastery is not worth it, favoring haste instead. I've seen a lot of hunters following this prio and I've seen similarly large numbers of hunters following alternative prios. What factors led you to come to this decision?
- Why do you prefer SV for movement intensive fights when, as you said, we can do our entire rotation on the move, regardless of spec?

Lastly, a minor thing that I noticed. You say you like BM for tank&spank fights, then used SV on Feng during LFR. I realize that this probably is just because LFR isn't normally worth fine tuning on, but I'd be curious to see how a BM log would compare to a SV one for that fight.

Other than that, best of luck with your application. Smile
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Joined: 07 Dec 2012
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Hello Gnolp ! Good questions there mate.

About the stat prio i had writen in the application:
- I Haven't played hunter for a while now but im getting the hang of it again. What I discovered while playing now is that on survival Mastery > haste on Aoe fights/multi dotting and the difference between Mastery and Haste in single target is very minimal. Going with Mastery>Haste will be more beneficial because BM has that prio also.

- I prefer SV on movement intensive fights simply becouse of DoTs. When playing as Beast mastery on a very movement intensive fight you might not be at the range of for example kill command (which only has 25yd range) at all times (these things are minor and in my opinnion personal preferrence).

- The reason why i used Survival on every boss is simply becouse i do basicly same dps with BM and survival at the moment but i like and i have always liked SV more.
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Joined: 02 Jul 2012
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Thanks for taking the time to answer.

No more questions from me at the moment. Again, best of luck.
Sun Dec 09, 2012 12:24 am View user's profile Send private message

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Accepted for trial.

Please /w an officer for an invite

Sun Dec 09, 2012 8:23 am View user's profile Send private message
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