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Jainie - Protection Warrior

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Jainie - Protection Warrior
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1. Personal

20 year old male from Finland living in Germany.

2. Character

i) http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/quelthalas/Jainie/advanced
Legs and belt are not enchanted as of yet.
ii) Night elf, Warrior, Protection
iii) 192days 12hrs on the warrior, 284days account wide.
My life in WoW originaly started as a rogue whom I leveled to 52ish or so back in Vanilla. For reasons I can't remember I stopped with him. Played some other chars and finaly ended up leveling a warrior to 70 in the BC when I started tanking Kara / ZA. Even though I had loathed the idea of tanking during leveling, I started tanking at level 70 as the guild I was in needed a tank, and I fell in love with it, and ever since I've been main spec tank.

Mostly I do not follow any rotation, as tanking can not be done with a specific rotation. The following is only a small idea about my tanking priorities, and will constantly change depending on what is required when and vengeance levels.

Single target: Shield Slam - > Revenge -> Devastate as filler -> until 60 rage -> Shield Block / Shield Barrier
Shield barrier would be used on encounters with magical damage over Shield Block as barrier absorbs dmg. On heavy melee hitting bosses it would be Shield Block.

AOE groups: Depending on encounter type it would either start with Heroic leap + Thunderclap or Charge + Thunderclap. After that I would move them around a bit to shockwave them all, unless it would be required for a stun later on. After that i would spam Shield Slam and revenge while keeping Shield Block up, and most likely shield barrier on top of it due to revenge resetting its CD on parries/dodges and giving a overflow of rage. Thunderclap is also thrown into the mix with more shockwaves when needed / off CD

What I bring for the raid depends on what is needed on the encounter and will set my talents accordingly.

Currently I'm using Juggernaut for my first tier of talents for a lower charge CD so that I'm able to speed the run / get to my targets faster if they are spread around the room.
Second Tier: I'm currently using Second wind which I will change for Enraged Regeneration or Impending Victory depending on encounter.
Third Tier: Disrupting shout for mass silence. There aren't any spells which would affect bosses directly, only their adds and will be changed to what makes my life or a kiters life easier on a encounter
Fourth Tier: Mostly Shockwave, Dragons Roar on tight enrage timer bosses.
Fifth Tier: Currently mass spell reflect. Changable for a more viable external CD onto other tanks/ or boss ability targets
Sixth Tier: As a tank I find Avatar the most usefull one due to the increased rage generation while it is active, increasing Shield Barrier usage for a lower damage income or even as a last resort burst DPS CD when needed.

For Glyphs i chose: Heavy Repercussions and Hold the line for increased threat generation and dps as tank dmg actually plays a role now judging by the way of how vengeance works currently. As
the third glyph I'm using Unending rage to increase my rage cap

Reforging priority at the moment with my stat budget is. Hit -> mastery -> expertise -> Parry -> dodge. Any item that does not have hit will get dodge or parry reforged to it until hit cap (which i am at, regretably slightly over) after which I keep sure to have mastery on all items. Any item with mastery and expertise are left how they are.
Once i have a higher stat budget I will be reforging to also obtain expertise cap.
Currently the gems i use are hit and mastery, slowly moving to parry/mastery, mastery/stam or only mastery, changing when gear gets higher stats. Towards BIS gear my stat priority will be Hit (7.5%) -> Expertise (7.5%) -> Mastery -> Parry = 2.5 times dodge.
Reasoning for this is that I need to hit as many Shield Slams and revenges to keep up Shield block/ barrier. Mastery will increase the chance to criticaly block further reducing dmg taken. Parry will reach its dr cap far later than dodge so it is worth more, and increases Hold the Line up time for more damage/threat.

Back when leveling my warrior I chose Blacksmithing and Mining as they went well for a plate class and had their profession only epics. Now I'm using them because of a 480 stamina increase from mining which isn't worthless for a tank. Blacksmithing gives me 2 extra sockets which can be used for 640 more secondary stats, slightly less if used with secondary stat + stamina gem.

3 WoW experience.

Can't remember the year I started the whole game, but november 2007 is when i started raiding with this character. In BC I mainly raided Kara / ZA, with one raid in Gruuls. After the 30% nerf patch I was invited by friends to a Lady Vashj and Kael'thas kill run, but they weren't considered hard anymore then.
In Wrath I raided Naxx 10, OS 10/25 with a few Naxx 25 and Maly 10 runs.
Ulduar i cleared to 11/13 normal mode.
ToC 10 I cleared and had a few ToC 25 runs only killing 2 / 5.
ICC 10 I had 4 / 12 for a while with one guild. Started raiding a bit with my resto shammy in another guild, getting 12/12 and unlocking HCs at which point i changed back to my warrior and had 11/12 HC before Cata hit. In 25man i had 10/12 with pug groups and a couple HC kills on the easier bosses.
Cataclysm. For the majority of cataclysm I wasn't able to raid much, as i had to go do my military service, starting on the January shortly after the launch. Even then I managed to Clear BoT, BwD and To4W normal, with no HC kills. Can't remember if normals were cleared before nerf or after. FL normal cleared before nerf if I recall correctly, along with Shannox HC. Staghelm HC was most likely after nerf. DS i raided 5 / 8 normal in the first few weeks before christmas, when SWTOR stole most of our roster. After that I mainly had pug runs with Conqueror as the leader, including a couple HC kills after the more dramatic nerfs.

4. WoL, no LFR out yet, and honestly as a tank its abit useless imo Razz

5. Interface
i) http://i.imgur.com/c3Mdn.jpg
ii) DBM, Omen, Tell me when. Instead of another wall of text check them up on the screenshot, not all abilities are bound to anything. I prefer to move them around and exchanging spells depending on what is needed when and where.
iii) Geforce GT 220m. 4 GB ram. Dual core 2.1 GHz intel Upgrading soonish.
Network connection is mostly stable, although it has random problems ocasionaly.

6. Previous / current guilds
In BC when i transfered to this server I was in guild called Chaotic Legends and stuck with them till ICC to 4 / 12. Didn't really care about progression back then untill ICC hit. Although between Ulduar and ToC I was in a guild called Paradise as a raid officer assitant for a couple weeks untill it disbanded, If i recall correctly the GM was being a dick or something.
During ICC times I joined The Jester Race with my resto shaman to see how my friends guild was doing, got 12 / 12 on normal, then brought my warrior in to tank HCs. Been in The Jester Race since then and now its abit on the dead side for raiding.

7. During Wrath I played the resto shaman seriously for ICC, in Cata not so much. Mainly LFR and a few DS pug runs. Atm its level 86 so no real point in linking it. During Cata i also leveled a Resto druid, Holy pally, shadow priest and rogue to 85 but didn't play much on them, mainly my profession alts.

i) Currently I'm the whole time available for raids.
ii) I want to join the dragons because I want to find a guild to raid with at a higher level that i have been capable of until now, due to real life limitations.
iii) Experince in tanking through a changing Azeroth, although I suspect your tanks are just as experienced. And I 'am someone who is not likely to change a class and role for a long while (unless requested by the guild and even then maybe not).
iv) Gnolp and Arya (Nolfavrell). Namid may or may not

Edit: typos
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good to see you apply here at last^^

jainie was one of the people that initially made me start playing wow, been in countless raids and dungeons with him since then. one of the most solid warrior tanks ive ever known, and always good at making me fall asleep due to a lack of damage taken.

good luck man^^

edit: hes orsome.
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Yay, more from finland \o/
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Hey, thanks for ur apply, could u /w me in game for a chat?

80 Druid - Armory
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