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Status, Rules, Information for WoD 6.1

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Status, Rules, Information for WoD 6.1
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Classes we recruit at the moment:

Open for ALL Classes-Specs except mages


- level 100
- You must be at least 18 years old.
- Able to understand and speak/write english.

- Keep yourself up-to-date with class changes.
- Strive towards a best as possible spec for what every encounter we working on requires.
- Have the best gear/enchants/gems which is reasonably in reach for you to get.
- Make sure to have enough gold to afford to buy gems, consumables, repairs, respecs, glyphs, whatever that might be needed.

- Raids start at 20:00 2-3 days/week or when are enough online and people wants. Make that time, or let us know.
- Vacations, breaks, or anything else are expected to be posted in our afk forum.

- Be friendly, tolerant, and don't go into raids with a negative attitute.
- Listen to the raidleader and officers in the raid.
- If you dont agree with a decicion, assignment, or tactic, feel free to whisper the raidleader
- Don't be the person that holds up the raid by not corpse running, or going afk between wipes.
- Don't spam the general chat of the raid we are raiding.
- Loot drama will not be tolerated. However, mistakes by ML can be made, keep your calm, and explain what you think went wrong.
- While carrying the guildtag under your name, you are expected to behave also to people outside of guild!!


Dragons is one of the oldest guilds on Quel'thalas, created on januari 2006. We raided from lvl60 Zul'Gurub till nowadays raids. We have a very friendly community, which is also very easy to get into, if you're friendly yourself as well. Check our gallery for glories of the past, with screenshots and movies.

Raiding days:
We raid 2-3 days/week till 20:00-23:00 to clean Normal and Heroic HM/BR. This sometimes can be extended a little bit if we are close on a kill. We are "casual" raiding atm, chilling a bit from years of hardcore raiding.

Right now we roll the loot MS/OS. Also there is a priority we use in handing out loot, raiders (including gm/officers) > trials > alts/friends casuals.

This is the theory which we try to apply always. However, the lootmaster always decides.

Guild structure:
Guildmaster and Officers - With any questions or problems, go to them.
Veterans - Former officers/GM's - Do not play an active part in raiding anymore, still a good point to ask your questions.
Raiders - Expected to maintain 2-3 days a week raiding, guild repairs, consumables.
Trials - Expected to do the same as raiders, yet to be prove themselfs.
Alts - Your free to get any alts you might have in the guild.
Friends/Casuals - Former raiders, friends/family of raiders.

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