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SWToR is bad.

This one time, at band camp...
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gotn to the point in going tanking or healing. and have no clue what at the moment

happy easter
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free trial weekend coming up Thursday to Monday.

I'm on red eclipse server (Sith)

also free 7 day trial via mmo champion forum.
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I did not like SWTOR engine and graphics... The UI font has an anoying glow, is hard to read... The engine is not smooth.

I stopped around level 40 (dont know exactly how much).

Economy is pretty useless (like in WoW:)), leveling+instances (flash points) are the same pretty empty. There is no teleport to dungeon, so is hard for the group to get somewhere, specially because you need to know the fly points and everything pretty good... There is no fly from A-Z, is A-C, walk, D-H, walk... and so on until you get somewhere...

Space combat is something like playing a game from 1990 with better graphics:) With useless goals... except something like daily in WoW

Mobs... tons of copy/pasting

PvP is lagged, bad, crap and @#$!#$*(@#$ (complete whatever you want)

Environment... anoying lights, darkness... are some areas where you just wait to get out because your eyes can't stand the darkness. Map is useless, you just go somewhere where is a line to figure out is some huge wall which you can't pass unless you walk half of map...

Overall = fail (imho:))), is not only not-polished, but is missing completly the revolutionary inovation to keep you focused.

/sigh for a great story line wasted Sad
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Joined: 07 Jul 2011
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Personally, I really couldn't deal with it. I'm with Tik on this one.

The level system felt extremely linear. Do x quests to get y Buzzard asses and kill z Giant Rats. Of course we get some kind of choice of where to go but ultimately it just boiled down to questing and / or dungeoneering.

There's no in game barber shop. No way to re-customize your character in some way after creation. Being the aesthetic freak I am, I had to reroll due to finally not liking my choice of hair colour.

However, the major one for is that they disallowed addon support. I, like many, hated the UI. It was clunky, it was too bulky, a lot of interface panels clashed and intersected with one another. You'd think they would have allowed some sort of addon support with such a horrid UI.

My expectations were that it would have been the next Starwars Galaxies (Before SoE broke it). Taking a lot of aspects of SWG and implementing them into SWTOR. Nope. SWTOR is just another mainstream shelf filler. Star Wars Galaxies had the biggest MMO maps I've seen for quite some time, large enough so that player cities could be built with city advancement. The questing was thoroughly enjoyable. Sure, it had a quest chain but as soon as you got through Tatooine, you were free to pick which path you took to the next planet. There were no level restrictions with the exception of gear. This means mounts, houses, anything could be done at level 1. It even had player bounty hunting.

The maps in SWTOR is similar to that of a single player game Enclosed, linear and annoying. I have to get from A to B. B happens to be on the other side of a large rock. Can I climb over it? No, I have to go around it which means taking a trip halfway across the map. We're talking planets, yet the maps are extremely limited in terms of their size. It's like saying "Welcome to England. Oh by the way, see that line over by that building? You're not allowed past that."

The combat system felt clunky, and the lack of suitable PvP brackets was god awful. Putting level 10's against level 35's is fair how? The only way I could kill anyone at that level was if I force punched them into the fire and even then it wouldn't count as my kill.

They could add stuff to make it better. Is there a point? Not really. I'd still not play it. If they had just did a remake of the original Star Wars Galaxies, THEN I'd quit WoW for it. So far the only game I've quit the game to play was Star Wars Galaxies before SoE bought all rights to it and broke it by turning it into a casual mainstream game (Class selection on character creation. Broken quest lines, in fact it just broke completely).

And I'm still sat waiting for Final Fantasy Versus 13 and Mechwarrior 5 to be announced for release >_<"

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Joined: 18 Mar 2006
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Oh, and I forgot the loading times...
Do you remember how is to sit minuttes to load a map? For Gods sake, we are in 2012, if somebody in your party will whisper you, or if you make the mistake to press alt-tab or windows button. You are doomed!

I think MMO's should be just for history based adventures, I start to believe that a MMO can't be acceptable without having a wizard, a spell, the word lore and ancient music... Otherwise, bringing an adventure in our times or worse in science-fiction, will rise the expectations of players, which would say "oh wait, I have a spaceship, but I dont have money to buy a pair of boots?". And since Blizzard can't make a better MMO (I dont know why...), I don't think anybody can anymore... Probably is the end of MMO's like was the end of RTS Red Alert 2 kind... The expectations are too high to worth the investment.
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I kind of enjoy it, but only have around 5 hours of playing, so the good feeling might go away. Plus when you only play games for 2-3 hours per week you will enjoy everything, is like being a junkie on rehab

Anyway, is not that bad. But far from great anyway.


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Usually my luck is on another planet, there is no access to e-mail and launch is dead...

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