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Application: Escariet, resto druid.

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Application: Escariet, resto druid.
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Name: Benedicte Johnsen Voje.

Age: 17, but 18 soon. I know I'm under your age limit, but I honestly don't think it'll make much, if any difference.

Class: Druid.

Spec: Restoration. 11/0/60

Previous/Current guilds: Knights of Ni (Left because they didn't really need a resto druid at that time, and it was a 10 man guild.), Alacrity (Having problems with sign ups.)

WoW Experience: Started playing late in TBC, so haven't got that much experience from there, but in WotLK I've done Ulduar, ToC10/25, up to 10 bosses in ICC10, could have gotten Sindragosa, and maybe LK down at that run, but the leader DC'ed and couldn't get back online. 6/12 bosses ICC25, and 4/12 ICC10 HC. Also done done 3/4 in RS10 (Some achieves like Ulduar and ToC stuff is on my previous main, Benchan.)

Equipment: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Quel%27Thalas&cn=Escariet

Reason: I'm sick of being in guilds that are low on sign ups, or other reasons why they don't raid much, or don't have any progression, so now for once I want to be in a successful guild.

Contacts in guild: Splintered and Capoeira.

Casual/Hardcore: I guess I would consider myself as a hardcore player, I'm pretty much online and available all the time.

Played: /played: 39 days, 10 hours, 57 minutes on my druid and 79 days, 11 hours, 50 minutes on my warlock. + Alts.

Note: From Monday to Friday next week (13. - 17. Sep.) I'll be at a schooltrip to Denmark, but after that I'll pretty much be available to raid all the time.
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