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Snypé (Hunter)

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Snypé (Hunter)
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Joined: 27 Jan 2014
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Location: United Kingdom

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1. Personal

My name luke, im 22 from England, im currently working as an electrician. i have been playing world of warcraft since i was 15 in 2007 i never really took the game to seriously. during this time i played a few character mainly a warlock and warrior. i had a break from the game just before WoTLK was released due to my studies and got the game back to see what Mists of Pandaria would hold and see how the game had changed. Now being alot older (unfortunately) and still playing i want to start gaining experience through the later content raids.

2. Character

i) Armory link:

ii) Race, Class, Spec:
Draenaei / Hunter / Survival ( i am confident in Beast mastery to so depends what you would prefer)

iii) /Played time:
my current playtime on my main character is 21 days. i started this character in MoP.
the combined play time of my character i dare not look Razz at a guess maybe 250 days

iv) Please tell us about your character.

The character i currently play in a survival hunter. i chose this class due to always wanting to play a hunter i also like the idea of them and the way you have to play them.
My current rotation is as follows : (wasnt sure how specific you wanted it but here goes )

Maintain Serpent Sting at all times. Use Explosive Shot every time it’s off cooldown. When Lock and Load procs, cast 3 Explosive Shot. Use Kill Shot at 20%, Black Arrow, Dire beast and Glaive Toss on cooldown. Cast Cobra Shot while waiting on cooldowns or to refresh Serpent Sting. Use Arcane Shot to dump excess Focus, but reserve about 40 focus when Black Arrow is about to come off cooldown so i can instantly reapply.

if you need my combat start rotaion that is :

Pre pot, rapid fire, black arrow, dire beast, serpent sting, explosive shot, glaive toss

3. WoW Experience

My current experience is 9/14 normal SoO including Garrosh if that counts for anything. i know im not the most experienced in current raids and i will be the first to admit that. i believe this is due to not really being given the chance in my current guild to raid. They seem to have a steady group and choose that group most weeks. this is no excuse but im going to use it as one Razz. I am a fast learner,good listener and open to advise.

4. World of Logs

i currently dont have WoL or a recent lfr run. but if this is a must i wil be sure to sort this out for you

5. Interface

i) Please post or link a screenshot of your interface in combat. Ideally during a raid encounter, but at a training dummy is acceptable.

i seem to be having a problem with my screenshot uploads i can email them to you as required

ii) Please detail your major raid addons and outline your keybindings:

i currently use Dbm and omen as my major raid addons advice to be taken here i think

iii) Technical stuff. How's your PC and connection?

the pc i use in an Asus

Intel core I7-2670qm, 2.2gz

the connention i use when raiding is usually excellent running at about 1.5gb i use a ethenet cable when raiding to give me a better connection speed. im not the best with my computer and this information is what i could find if any more is needed i will do my best to find it

6. Previous/Current guilds

I am currently a member of Paradox where i have been since i leveled to 90 i have raided with them whenever given the chance to. my reason for leaving is the cant offer me any more raids due to wanting to progress in 10 man HC. i dont ask to raid every raid just that i am considered for it and not ignored

7. Alts

i have a few alts at level 90 only one i really play and that character i use for pvp i have used most my time trying to gear my hunter up the best i can

8. Dragons and You!

i) Please tell us your availibility. Our raiding times are posted in the Guild Rules and in order for your application to be considered you will have to ensure that you can fulfil the attendance requirements.

I can raid most night throughout the week as i am wanting to become a raider and put the time in to get what i want to achieve out of the game and have fun while doing so

ii) Why do you want to join Dragons?

i want to join dragons as i want to be part of a great guild and a guild that is friendly and take its raiding seriously and has fun at the same time

iii) What do you believe you would bring to Dragons?

i believe i will bring a commit,friendly and social raider and player to the guild.

iv) If applicable, please list any current members of Dragons you know and who would vouch for you

i dont currently know anyone in the guild hopefully that will change soon
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Joined: 23 Jan 2012
Posts: 208

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Hello and thanks for your application.

We do ask all applicants to provide a WoL - first 4 bosses in LFR or flex is fine. Instructions can be found in the forum.

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Joined: 27 Jan 2014
Posts: 3
Location: United Kingdom

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Hi thanks for the reply i have just set up my WoL account so will be uploading it as soon as i can

here are my UI screenshots you asked for :

Mon Jan 27, 2014 11:15 pm View user's profile Send private message

Joined: 11 Dec 2011
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Nice app, and like you honesty about raiding.

GL with your app.

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Joined: 27 Jan 2014
Posts: 3
Location: United Kingdom

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i cant get WoL to work hope this doesnt effect my application to much i will try again tomorrow
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Joined: 07 Jul 2011
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Location: Christchurch, England

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Hey Snype.

Sorry about all this waiting (if you're still waiting at all). I'm guessing you weren't able to get that WoL parse working?

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