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deadlyreaper- deathknight blood application

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deadlyreaper- deathknight blood application
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1. Personal: my name is Jonathan. i come from Denmark, and live in a city called Copenhagen. i am 17 years old. in my spare time i train fitness with my best mate, and i do taekwondo to. i have been doing taekwondo for 5 years, and i enjoy it. Im reading to Engineering, and Iím looking for a job in nova nordisk (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Novo_Nordisk).

2. Character: i) http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/quelthalas/Deadlyreaper/simple
ii) Race, Class, Spec: Human, Death knight, Tank.
iii) Played time: 64 days, 6 hours/5 days, 2 hours played this level. my first chair was a hunter, which im not playing on anymore. i played wow since burning crusade came out. i played the Vanilla as well but i was around 7 years when I played it, so it doesn't really Count. So i played for around 8-9 years which is quite some time. The problem was that i was 7 years in the beginning, so i didn't really know what i was doing. i started raiding when i played wrath of the lich king(best game if you ask me) were i took it really seriously.
iv) Please tell us about your character. i made this char in the beginning of wrath of the lich king. Where it became my main, i first was a dps but I turned tank before cataclysm (because it were more fun to tank). in cataclysm i began to really learn my spec ( which is blood dk) and i began to raid a lot with my guild (the guild dismissed) and had fun. i really love death knights because of their aoe damage and spells. you need to combine your abilityís to make a good dk tank. And thatís what makes it a fun class.

3. WoW Experience: i played wow from the Vanilla but didnít really understand anything. But when i got older i began to have more fun because i could communicate with people and meet new people. Which meant that i began to get new friends/guild and that made me enjoy the game. i first began to raid in wrath of the lich king tho i first killed lich king some days before cataclysm. in cataclysm i killed death wing with my guild pretty early after the patch. I have done 11/14 IN SOO and have good experience with the raid. I have done trail of crusader to. Really fun raid and enjoyable, I know isnít hard but it was fun. And I have done bastion of twilight to full clear. And my guild and I try to get a full clear on black wing descent. But we never cleared it fully, really sad I liked that raid, a lot of mechanics to learn.

4. http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/jp0ogdmnuyl23e98/

i) add a Picture
ii) skada and dmb is my main addons I donít really have any more raid addons
iii) my computer is really good which Means it doesnít really lag and my connection is really good to. so it's rare if i lag or have any other problems.

i) in wings of force we have a good society, but i miss a raiding guild. and in wings of force there arenít really any people online which can get really boring and those whoís online donít want to raid or do something together (like a bg or lfr).

8. Dragons and You!
i) i can raid Sunday Monday and Wednesday. But Thursday and Tuesday i am doing taekwondo which mean i canít be online right on time. the training is 6pm-8.30 pm so I canít make it. But sometimes it might be canceled, or I will drop it.
ii) i would like to join the guild for the society, and the raiding. But also for some pvp or leveling. And this guild sounds like it has it all. So it looks perfect for me.
iii) i would bring a funny guy to the guild, and a guy that want the best for people. But at the same time i take raiding seriously, and i always try my best to kill a boss, or just simply help a guy with some tactics or anything that he needs my help for.
iv) i only know shoesa, i traded with him. but nobudy else. But I heard a lot good about the society in dragons from people. So i hope that the guild will take me in with open arms:).

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Thank you for your application and your interest in Dragons.

Unfortunately, we're not recruiting a tank at the moment and so are declining your application.

Best of luck finding a suitable guild.

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