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Prot warrior

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Prot warrior
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Joined: 21 Oct 2013
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Location: Belgium

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1. Personal


My name is Jannick Van Dam and I am 21 years old.
I work as a cooling engineer in belgium where I also live:D.Basicly i repair and mount up industrial freezers and fridges, also airconditioning.So if you ever need a hand if its broken i can be off service true phone:p or if its not far away by hand;D. I am planning to start my own bussines soon so i don't mind at all:D.In my sparetime i like scubadiving. While doing this i stop thinking about evrything and i jsut watch the fish,shipwrecks i find it the best way to relax.I also play competive batminton.

2. Character


I am a tauren warrior :Prot spec item level 548
:Fury spec item level 529
If i swap to alliance i am thinking of taking the worgan class,havnt realy looked into the best base stats and specials of the alliance races tbh.

The reason why i stack mastery is simply because i want a stable dmgintake
With avoidance builds you don't have alot of control over the dmg intake
Asking to a healer witch tank was easyest t heal on the same job my name came out of the box.

Total playtime is 154days 23hours
Time at this level is 30days 11hours

As i said before, my build is "mastery" not "avoidance" I did this because i wanted a stable dmg intake. With alot of mastery i have less avoidance,but more block.This way healers have an easyer job and less stressfull and stable healing on me.DPS wise and total dmg taken wise this is about the same as an avoidance tank tho.
Rotation is realy a difficult question as tank. it depends on the fight realy single target always opens up witha shieldslape and dragonrawrs to get max tps. thunderclap and devistate are obvious for dmg done and dmg taken. As mastery in 5.4 i use shieldblock alot more then shieldbarrier.since i take less dmg by the mastery build id like to block as mutch as possible.also on a bossifight 2 shieldblock and 1 barrier and then the shieldblock cd ran off. and so on..
Why bring a warriortank instead of another tank. I don't know mutch about other tankclasses,but a warrior has the advantage of doing descent dps and it has 1 dmg banner 1 dmg taken banner witch is in some fight recommended to have,same as rallying cry.I also have a tauntbanner withc is usefull in emergencys.With HC leap warriortanks are quite flexible in certainfights for example defusing the bombs on your own in iron juggernautfight your charge and hc leap are handy to take less dmg and defuse them faster.

3. WoW Experience

I have done all ToT bosses on normal 1 HC jinrock . We didnt get furter before 5.4
In 5.4 i have done 8/bosses.Havnt done any achievements in MoP raidingwise.
don't know if i need to mention all other expansionraiding expersience,but i did all raids during the expansion themself.

4. World of Logs


5. Interface


At the bottom right are the meters (omend recount) against the omen meters the raidgroups appear. DBM is above the chatframe

I have Elv UI,dbm,omen,recount,npcscan.Xperl.sexycds. These are the addons i use to make things easyer and better looking.
I got a 5 key mouse where i have bount my hcleap and deffensice cooldowns to.
i use 1 for shieldslap 2 devistate 3 revenge 4shieldblock 5 taunt
I knwo these so i can actualy look and tank blindly.

I got a descent connection
pc : intel RcoreTM2630 2ghz
6gb ram
64 bit

6. Previous/Current guilds
In MoP Disoredrly
Cata cause without rebels/disorderly
Wrath awaken and QT yacht club
TBC QT yacht club
Vanilla mortality

Please detail your current and any former guilds and if applicable your reasons for leaving them

I want t get out because the social side of the guild isnt realy good.
also raidingwise its not what it used to be.Also people taking breaks whenever they like frustrates me. People not knowing the tactics while you do and try getting the boss down is alsofrustrating.
and i had enough of that.
7. Alts
I got :90 mage
:85 DK
: 60 rogue

Please provide Armory links for any seriously played alts
I don't realy have other serious charss

8. Dragons and You!
I can raid 5 days a week
not tursday and tuesday.I can make exeptions sinds those are pracctisedays for my batminton and diving.So if you realy need me i can be there:) So that means 3/5 raids i can deff attend to.

Why do you want to join Dragons?
I'l be honest i am looking for a guild who wants a tank. I have had offers to join them as dps or that they would Love to have me in the guild, but if the guild has 4 tanks already in a 10 man group il be on the bench evry raid so they adviced me not to join them. the Possibilit as dps was there,but i don't want to become a fulltime raiddpser. Tanking is my pride

What do you believe you would bring to Dragons?
I am a reliable raider. Doing evrything in my power to get things done. Also bring fun to a raid when the time is there to have fun.I am a social member who likes to do things with their fellow guildies.

If applicable, please list any current members of Dragons you know and who would vouch for you

I am sorry but as my toon is horde, i don't know anyone . On the alliance side i do know sunshade and doodkop and grail as I raided with them in cause without rebels.
Grail recently joined reflection of perfection,so i made a rogue there to be social (dutske)
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Guild Master

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Hey thanks for your apply, nice one.
You seem like a player who'd easily fit in our guild, however; We cannot rly use another tank.
So I wish u good luck in finding a guild that Does need a tank!

80 Druid - Armory
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Joined: 21 Oct 2013
Posts: 2
Location: Belgium

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ok, thanks for replying to me that quick.
I understand the verdict.
Many luck in the inc HC bosses Very Happy

Kind regards

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Joined: 23 Jan 2012
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Seconding what Anarki said. Thanks for the time you took in applying, I'm sure you'l have no problem finding a guild to suit.
Wed Oct 23, 2013 6:49 pm View user's profile Send private message
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