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Tenzingyatso - Mistweaver Monk - Eonar

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Tenzingyatso - Mistweaver Monk - Eonar
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1. Personal

Name: Magdalena
Age: 28
Nationality: German

2. Character

Armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/eonar/Tenzingyatso/simple
Race, Class, Spec: Pandaren, Monk, Mistweaver
/Played time: 21 days /played on the monk, 500+ days on all characters since Vanilla.

I have rerolled my monk at the start of MoP. (I took a fast liking to the class in the beta, so that's why I decided to go monk from day 1 of MoP). I have 2-healed the 10 man content we have cleared in my old guild, and I am a fairly decent healer, but I've not yet done heroic modes, so will need assistance and advice there. I'm also open to advice from other monks in regards of my healing "rotation" and gear shall I have made any grave mistakes.

My gear is currently gemmed and reforged for my 10 man-usage (I know with 25 mans, I can drop some haste, but in our 10 man a haste buff was not always given) and I will change it once I'm over on this realm.

My standard rotation is (again, this is for 10 man):
- Keep my Jade Serpent Statue up at all times.
- Keep my statue of the Keep Renewing Mist on as many people as possible so I can heal them with Uplift.
- If I don't have Renewing Mist on enough people, or only a specific part of the raid takes damage, for example the melee, I tend to use my Chi on Chi Wave. (But Chi Wave will have its Chi cost removed in the next patch).
- For tank/single target healing I usually channel Soothing Mist on them, and use Enveloping Mist which will be an instant cast while I am chanelling (Surging Mist will also be instant on my channeled target, but it is a heal that has a far too high mana cost to be effectively spammed, so the only time where I really see a good use of Surging Mist is during Sun Breath on Tsulong, atleast in 10 man mode - 25 man might prove me wrong).
- Life Cocoon and Revival are of course also in my "rotation", but my use of them is situational, "when needed".

3. WoW Experience

Reached "Centurion" Rank on my Enhancement Shaman. Reached several lower pvp ranks on "alts".
Cleared UBRS, ZG, AQ20, MC, Onyixa on my Shaman. (We also attempted the first bosses in BWL and AQ40 but to no avail, I was attuned to Naxxramas but my guild wasn't).

Got "Challenger" in an arena season on my Holy Paladin.
Achieved "Champion of the Naaru" and "Hand of A'dal" on both my Shaman and Paladin, on separate servers.
Cleared Kara, ZA, Gruul, Magtheridon, SSC, TK, BT and Kalecgos in SWP on my shaman while it was current content. We lacked priests to down Brutallus, and the guild atmosphere was at the bottom, raid-wise and people-wise. Cleared rest of SWP after nerfs.

Got no notable PVP achievements.
Achieved "The Undying" on my resto druid and holy paladin, and other attached "Glory of the Raider 10 Player" achievements that yielded the Plagued Proto Drake.
Achieved "Tribute to Insanity" in TotGC10, got the Swift Horde Wolf/Swift Alliance Steed.
Cleared VoA, Naxx10/25, OS10/25, Malygos10/25 and normal Ulduar10/25 while it was current content. Cleared TotC/TotGC while it was current content on 10 man.
Cleared ICC 10 while it was current content.
Cleared RS while it was current content.
Cleared LK hc, Halion hc and Algalon AFTER some nerfs had occured, but still during WotLK.

Got no notable PVP achievements.
Cleared BH, Tot4W, BWD, BoT on normal + Halfus hc, Magmaw Hc, Atramedes hc, Chimaeron hc while they were current content. Cleared FL normal, Shannox hc, Alyzrazor hc, Lord Rhyolith hc while they were current content. Cleared DS normal while it was current content, cleared DS fully on hc after the 20% buff.
Cleared the remaining hc bosses at 85 aswell, but after I and most others were in hc DS gear.

Got no notable PVP achievements.
Cleared MV 6/6
Cleared HoF 5/6
Cleared TeS 3/4
(This all happened in normal mode, most of it 10 man, except for the 2 additional bosses in HoF which I did in 25 man mode, on an alt).

I'm also generally doing anything that gives achievement points, or rewards shiny pets and/or mounts.

I specifically levelled a character to 80 during Cataclysm to do "Herald of the Titans" with some friends.

I farmed the "Insane in the Membrane" achievement.

I completed the AQ-opening chain which rewards the "Veteran of the Shifting Sands" achievement.

I acquired the legendary weapons:
Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury
Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker (x2)
Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros

4. World of Logs

Here's the Log from our Protectors "Elite" mode kill:


5. Interface

I use the standard Blizzard UI. (Yes I know, boring).

I only use 2 addons during raids, them being Deadly Boss Mods and TinyDPS. (I chose TinyDPS as a meter since it uses a lot less memory than Skada and Recount do, and I am not bothered about "keeping" the fights for an eternity, I just want a light-weight meter that gives me an overview of how good or bad I perform, so I can work on improving).

I have a VDSL 25 connection by German Telekom, usually very stable and without disconnects. (I can stream HD videos with several GB of size smoothly - so if anything ever occurs ingame, I'll jsut have to blame Blizzard).

My PC:
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2300 CPU @ 2.80GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.8GHz
Memory: 4096MB RAM
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6450

6. Previous/Current guilds

I'm not in a guild at the moment, I was in Colossus, Eonar (10 man) as you can see on my WoL.

7. Alts


(Achieved the legendary Gem on 3 characters so far, 2 more being in the works @ the sigil part).

8. Dragons and You!

I will be available for all raids, I have missed 1 raid in the past 8 years and that was during Vanilla, on the evening that my grandpa died.

I'd like to join Dragons since you've been having a good reputation on QT for a long time. Your progress is awesome (*scared a bit*) and a friend of mine, Aimi, is in your guild.

I will bring a reliable raider who shows up for all raids possible, who is generally friendly and fun to be around, and who has some crazy and scary hobbies other than WoW, but you'll learn more of them once you recruit me!

As I said, I only know Aimi, but had had a few brief talks with Anarki regarding Plagued Proto Drakes before.

I hope to hear from you soon with a positive reply. Smile

PS: My char is currently still on Eonar, but if I am accepted I will move it asap.
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Thanks for you application, we'll review and be in touch shortly.

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Accepted for trial, /w one of the officers for an invite once you've transferred across.

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Will transfer right away and message you in-game when I arrive on QT. Thanks! Smile
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Very nice application, gratz on your trial!

Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/CalairielQT?feature=mhee

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Wilkommen in Dragons, hoffe dir wirds hier gefallen Wink

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