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Totsie - Frost DK 2H DPS

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Totsie - Frost DK 2H DPS
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1. Personal
Hello, I'm a 18 year old guy from Sweden currently studying my last year.

2. Character
i) Armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/quelthalas/Totsie/simple

ii) Race, Class, Spec: Human, Death Knight, Frost

iii) /Played time: 90 days 19 hours on this main, and 2 "main" characters that are deleted.

iv) I started playing right after the pre-WoTLK zombie event as a feral druid and changed back and forth between Balance, Restoration and feral DPS and tank.
After a few weeks I tried the DK class and fell instantly in love with it. And it became my current main, Totsie. I still played on my druid but mostly focused on my DK.
During the late stages of WoTLK (ICC), I virtually stopped playing due to some IRL stuff that needed attention.
During Cataclysm I started playing again with the guild Cylian as a DPS/Main tank. Got some progress done there until about the release of the Dragon Soul raid. Between DS and MoP I was inactive. Started playing again during MoP after my friend conviced me to come back. After getting back into touch with the old guild, (Cylian) I started playing again.
During MoP I haven't been able to raid that much other than LFR, many people in the guild were inactive, unfortunatly.
I will provide good DPS and always be open for suggestion form the more experienced Death Knights in the guild.
As a DK I don't really have a rotation, only a list of the attacks that take priority over the other attacks. I try to keep the diseases up and keep Soul Reaper on target when it's under 35% health. Using runic power ablilities first until proc, if procced, use Obliterate, if i got rime i use Howling Blast. etc etc.
I like playing as frost DK because it feel more"smooth" than other classes or specs. It's quite difficult to explain. I just enjoy it more than any other class.
I currently have Mining and Engineering as proffesions. I chose those since Mining can give me mats for engineering that can craft me "fun" things.
Currently gemming and enchanting for the things i need most. (Mainly focusing at haste at this point since it's currently the strongest stat after hit/expertise cap)

3. WoW Experience
I started playing as a Druid during WoTLK on the server my friend Abbendis played on (Anachronos) in a casual pvp/pve raiding guild. Around the release of Ulduar I realm changed with my druid and DK after my friend Abbendis left for Quel'Thalas.
In Quel'Thalas I was mostly unguilded until about 1 month after ICC release when I joined Cylian. After that I've been both a DPS and Main tank for them now for the last 3-4 years.

4. World of Logs
On the second boss the tanks had problem taunting, and in the chaos I died and stayed that way until the boss was downed. After the boss died the clock was inching towards 12 am and I went out to celebrate the new year. If you want a better log, please let me know.

5. Interface

i) http://i.imgur.com/MhZ3z.jpg

ii) Using DBM and Omen threat meter and Skada. I've tested some raiding frames but gotten used to the normal Blizzard UI.
My keybindings (as seen above) are the ablilties used the most.
I use the mouse to turn around.
I have some other addons but they're not raid related.

iii) Intel core 2 Quad CPU @ 2.50 GHZ
Nvidia 9800 GT
Network is stable
Planning to get a better GPU soon.

6. Cylian
Recently left Cylian because the leaders have decided to stop the raids and make it a social guild due to the inactivity and unability to recruit more players. So I have decided go for more serious raiding and progressing. And I think Dragons are a prime example of such a guild.

7. Alts
The only alt I'm playing on now is my Panda monk but I don't play it seriously.

8. Dragons and You!
i) I should be able to come on most days. If nothing happens IRL
ii) As i mention earlier, I'd like to do some more serious raiding and I know Dragons got experience and dedication. I also love challanges that comes with raiding a 25-manned raid.
iii) I'm a pretty good DPS and I always stay updated on the latest class changes, and I'm always up for a boss fight.
iv) My IRL friend, Abbendis, will vouch for me. And I know Fruid from Cylian.
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Post Reply with quote
Hey Totsie. Thanks for your application. There's a TL;DR at the bottom however it's probably best to read and take on board everything :p

Unfortunately after a discussion, we feel that the guild probably isn't the right environment for you just yet. Reason being is that we're already hauling a hefty amount of melee dps, more than we ideally should. We can see that there's isn't a great deal of experience under your belt (as was the case for all of us) and I'm sure you've got a lot of potential. However, starting out is probably best in a guild where that potential will be put to more use. With our current amount of melee dps, being subbed would happen a lot and I'm sure you'd much rather get into raids.

There were also a couple of things we noticed. I think the main one which stood out was the state of some of your gear as is. We require the best possible enchants within logical reason and some parts of your gear weren't / aren't enchanted. Your belt also doesn't have a buckle.

Another thing we noticed was your UI. While a user interface is completely personal in all regards, something that was spotted which is pretty much required for any raid environment is the display of either health percentages or actual units (or both). There are so many mechanics and phases which happen at a certain boss health percentage that it's something which is required to have. It may sound like nitpicking, but something even as seemingly small can mean the difference between a well timed cooldown rotation and being caught off-guard without cooldowns resulting a death.

Lastly, and I don't really like judging based on one encounter, but you took a lot of damage from the attenuation for Imperial Vizier. Things which tickle you in LFR will kill you in normal and heroic. Be sure to ensure that you take as little damage as possible to help the healers and to not be hit by mechanics such as Attenuation (seriously, it really makes us rage when we ourselves do it).

TL;DR: All things considered, we feel you'd have better luck and get a better experience finding a guild which needs a melee dps where you'll have more time and more chances to practice instead of being sat on the bench a lot as a result of having too many melee, many of which are more acquainted with an encounter.

You're completely free to apply again in future once you feel you fulfill what's expected and also when/if we need melee dps. Best of luck finding a guild better suited Smile

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