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Kardak [Protection Paladin]

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Kardak [Protection Paladin]
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1. Personal
So my intarwebz name is Kardak or Kard. I am 24 years old and from Dutchyland. I recently graduated as Software Engineer and current work as webdeveloper for a small company in my neighbourhood.

I've been a pretty enthousiastic gamer for quite some years now and WoW has been one of my longest lasting 'addictions'.

2. Character
i) Armor link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/quelthalas/Kardak/advanced

ii) Race, Class, Spec: Human, Paladin, Protection

iii) /Played time: I will for this time type that chat command but i fear it... i dislike to get confronted with my addiction Razz okay it's at 410 days 16 hours and 34 minutes. Not as bad as exceptional as anticipated but then again i have 10 alts.

iv) Please tell us about your character.

I started this very paladin back in early vannila on Emeral Dream. After about half a year of levelling and general dicking about i did my first raid as holy. I stayed holy untill the first tier in TBC. Around the time most guilds started doing SSC and TK, I transfered to Quel'Thalas for friends and there i went protection and stayed protection. During cataclysm i had a moment of weakness where i tried retribution as mainspec but quickly went back to protection. You can say i have tasted every spec of this class (yes i tried shockadin in TBC, may it rest in peace).

I prefer paladins because i liked the 'protector of the light' theme from the class and personally think defender = protection and thus i come to my conclussion. Yes it is not stats or racials related i just chose this class because i like it.

The rotation is similar to the old 969 rotation where your simply use CS - Judgement - X - CS - X - Judgement - CS - etc. Where X is a priority based spell. The priority for it is HoW - AS - Consecration - HW. AS gets priority over HoW at 20% hp when it's the crusader proc for HP. SotR aint in there cause it's off the GCD and every 30sec you replace CS with hotR for weakened blows.

I change my glyphs and talents dependant on the fight for eample i use battle healer since it's decent healing on a seal i use quite often anyway. During progression on Feng the accrused i swapped in Light Hammer from execution sentence since it brought good healing and good AoE damage for the shield phases adds. I am open to any suggestions people mention towards my specs and glyph choice and willing to try any combination no matter how silly it might seem.

Currently my gear is tweaked towards hit and expertise hard caps, then stack haste over anything else. mastery being 4th on the list. I blame blizzard for this strange itemisation we are in now. dodge and parry have become trivial stats at best wich wierds me out and i feel somewhat guilty towards the frost death knights that i now have to roll against for haste gear. Not to mention the pain in the ass it is to spec retribution for LFR Boss X to get a specific ring or belt and then spec prot for boss Y to get a tanking weapon. I can go into details on parses and stuff why haste is all the hype nowdays but i think this post is getting long enough. Feel free to give me a whisper to have a chat thou but be prepared for a very math heavy subject Razz

I have been a blacksmith and miner for a long time. I never really spend the gold on dropping mining to go with JC since the stamina benefit was small. Currently i am reconsidering it for more haste stacking.

I feel my paladins brings a solid tanking class with great survival cooldowns in most situations, thou i am not to big to admit that in some cases the other tanking classes are a better choice.

3. WoW Experience

We are especially interested in the raids/bosses/achievements you did while they were still current. Try to be as detailed as you can. Please also feel free to list any high level PvP experience or anything else you feel may be relevant.

Quite frankly, a metric ton of experience >.>. Did MC - BWL up to Huhuran in AQ 40 but cleared AQ 20 and ZG along the way. Did attempts on the instructor in naxxramas back then but TBC came around before ever getting any further.
In TBC i cleared everything up till Kealegos in Sunwell plateau. In WotLK i did ICC 25 and later went over to 10 man wich i cleared on heroic before Cataclysm came out. During cataclysm i cleared the first tier on heroic with the exception Ala'kir and the 4 elemental lords. Missed out on sinestra sadly but cleared firelands heroic aswell as heroic DS. Sadly we last the race for the realm first madness kill, but a kill is a kill and who gets it first is irrelevant to me thou I will support anyone trying to go for it.

So far i have cleared 6/6 HC vaults, 1/6 HC HoF (why 1/6? cause the other 2 only required 1 tank and sadly that wasn't me so far) and 4/4 normal ToES.

I did many achievements along the way including a great deal of the 'glory of...' meta's

4. World of Logs

Here's a parse for my latest ToES raid.

5. Interface

i) I rarely take screenshot during fights but here's one from a training dummy >.<

ii) The main addons are ElvUI, deadly bossmods, omen, recount and weakaura's.

iii) Technical stuff is quite good. I currently have a decent adsl connection and my latency useually doesn't go above 40ms when it does i am more then able on technical knowhow to clear the latency on my end Smile

PC specs:
- AMD Phenom II Black edition x4 955 processor
- 2x 4GB corsair XMS3 DDR3 RAM
- ASUS M5A99X evo motherboard
- Radeon HD 6850 graphics card
- 2x 1TB Caviar Black's harddisks
- Corsair hx650w power supply

6. Previous/Current guilds

I will not list my guilds from ED since that's been quite a while back. My most recent guild experiences have been:
- Under Achievers: Guild disbanded during firelands as some of it's core quit.
- Intensity: I joined for a few weeks and left after having some issues with the maturity of some of it's players.
- Endeavour: My current guild. Reseaons for leaving is simply that the atmopshere in the guild is slowly deteriorating wich to me is a big factor. Raiding is all good and fun but when people are just constantly bitching to others or blatently showing litle interest in the raid itself it ruins the atmosphere and in the end the fun in doing raids.

7. Alts

I don't really consider any my alts as 'serious' i just play the ones i like at the time, thou i sometimes log em just to help in a 5 man if someone asks me to Smile

8. Dragons and You!

i) Please tell us your availibility. Our raiding times are posted in the Guild Rules and in order for your application to be considered you will have to ensure that you can fulfil the attendance requirements.

They are similar to the times from Endeavour thou they end earlier and start 15 min later wich is all good to me. I am useually around everyday of the week. Unless i am ill, wich rarely happens. I do sometimes go out with friends but that's useually on the friday or saturday.

ii) Why do you want to join Dragons?
I have some old friends in Dragons (Skod, Orixa, Skunkwalker, Kris) if i forgot any of you i am terribly sorry Smile other then that i enjoyed the 25 man raids back in the days of wotlk and would like to try it again.

iii) What do you believe you would bring to Dragons?
An enthousiastic and dedicated teamplayer. I'm not afraid to whipe consecutivly on hard bosses and i am not easy to anger. I see raiding as a team effort and will put in my best to fullfill my role in an encouter and try to be of assistance to others.

iv) If applicable, please list any current members of Dragons you know and who would vouch for you

I already listed them, wether i want them to vouch for me is debatable (especially Skod) cause they might just backmail me >.>
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Very impressive application. We'll review and be in touch shortly.

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Happy to see another person who has been looking into the maths behind the class ^.^
Good luck with your application Wink

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Ahh my old classleader from Alacrity!
A great paladin indeed, good luck with your application! Very Happy
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Hey, accepted for trial.
/w an officer ingame for an invite please.

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Good news is good! Welcome mate Smile
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Orixa wrote:
Good news is good! Welcome mate Smile

Are u coming back anytime soon yet? :p

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