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gnome rogue 85 kerum

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gnome rogue 85 kerum
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Joined: 30 Jan 2011
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Location: denmark

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1. Personal
Well i am from Denmark and i am 20 years old just finished my 3 years on gym and now i am taking a year when i can earn some moneys. i talk english well, but i am not spelling the words and stuff so good, but i hope its okay.
2. Character

i am playing rogue/ sublety/assi. and i am gnome.
played wow for 5 years now i think played time on my char is 122 days and 8 hours.

i) well i played rogue for 2 years now. i were making this char for fun but i become my main afther some time i like the way rogue are and i did well. i change to sublety recently afther a breake from wow, and when i came back i changed for sublety and that was so much betther than combat.
ii)Ambush Whenever possible.
Hemorrhage Maintain the Bleed DoT.
Backstab Build Combo Points.
Slice and Dice Maintain at all times.
Rupture Apply and refresh with 5 Combo Points.
Eviscerate Use with 5 Combo Points
And ofc i will Use TOT
i am reforging like this Agility > Melee Hit (7.5%) >= Expertise (7.5%) > Mastery > Haste > Crit
and gemming the big agi gem and deft lava coral, adept lava coral and glitering shadow spinel.
and i think i will bring some good experiense and some good dps for this guild i want progress as much as we can and if that has something to do with i have to sit out for some bosses couse the class dont fit the boss its fine with me.
3. WoW Experience
i played sinse the burning crusade where i did bt and sunwell. were doing nax,icc and firelands (not much in firelands sinse i thought i was abit borring)
and in ds 8/8 hc and before the nerf i were 6/8hc.
4. World of Logs
did shit on madness hc, but first time i came back from the breake and were sublety reforge and were combat because i were sublety on spine.
5. Interface
hmm i dont really now how to put in a screen shot of that, but i am only using xperl as ui.
were thinking on Elui for mop.
i am using DBM and skada nothing really ells i can control it on this way
my fps is and latence is 22
6. Previous/Current guilds
I am in Exiled champions right now, but as i said i had the breake and forgot to tell my guild that i were moving so i wouldt have any internet before some time, and theni got sortet out so another one took my spot and someone is rerolling to rogue and he is higher than me in the guild ranks so i got sortet out.
7. Alts
here is some of my alts
Priest 8/8 hc to.
dk tank 6/8 hc
8. Dragons and You!
i) and ii) and iii) i can raid all the days that you are raiding otherwiese i would make and app for this guild i am looking forward to play in Mop and get the most progress as poss and i hope i can join the guild and help you guys to be number 1 guild on the server.

iv) i have talked sometimes with anarki but its not like i know him well. but i know telperion if he still are in the guild.
i am looking forward to se what you think about me hope it will be fine. Smile
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Joined: 03 Feb 2011
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Location: Lier, Belgium

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Hey Kerum,

Thank you for showing interest in our guild.

Unfortunately your profile doesn't fit the one(s) we're looking for, hence i'll have to decline your application.

Good luck finding a suitable guild.

Kind regards,

The Dragons Officer Team

Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/CalairielQT?feature=mhee

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