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Qt - Shadow Priest

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Qt - Shadow Priest
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1. Hello i am Qt, i live in Holland and i am 30 years old. Currently unemployed. Got a lovely lady which plays WoW now and then. ( Moonfly ). I've been playing WoW since back in Vanilla but have recently been taking a break due that boss called RL demanding my attention. Currently this application is just a social application as I've only recently started playing again so need to spend some time learning the class and getting some gear. For MoP I will be hoping to become a seriuos part of the raiding team, and if I can start raiding with you guys before then even better. Whilst in RofP I did also spend quite some time as an officer and in particular during the TBC days, and between Dareal and I we managed to keep the guild going through what seemed a terrbile summer.


i. http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/q ... /Qt/simple

ii. Human, Priest, Shadow (In previous expansions I have played holy/disc but prefer the pewpew of Shadow, but also the ability to switch to healing when really needed)

iii. Played 229 days and 10 hours

iv. As already I've said I've been playing WoW for quite a long time now back took a break after WotLK for a year and after Firelands up until now ). Now i am back and keen to really get involved in some proper progressive raiding. I have no expectations to raid in Cata but if I can then that would be a bonus as it will give me an opportunity to show you guys what I'll be able to add to the guild in MoP and also let me get to know you lot better. In terms of playing shadow as I am still getting back into raiding I am probably a little out of date but my understanding so far is:

- Firstly get to the hit cap 17% (1742) using either SP or Hit gear
- Then start stacking Haste
- Crit & Mastery are then fairly equal

For the rotation (it's actually more of a priority than rotation) this does change slightly with t13 4 set and you can use a different rotation whilst ure fiend is up. Otherwise rotation as follows:

- Get you DOTS up and make sure they stay up, refreshing before they drop off
- Pop either Shadowfiend of Dark Archangel when they are up (this changes with t13 4 set)
- SWD when mob is below 25%
- Mind blast when off CD otherwise Mindflay

Ofc there are slight changes to make depending on situation, using Mind Spike for short burst and using Mind Sear for AOE

As I said I still learning more about how to play my spriest again but the above covers the basics and during the rest of the expansion and then going into MoP I'll be doing all the usual checks of theorycrafting sides and practicing on dummies etc....

3. Here is the list of bosses and key achievements during the expansions:

Vanilla ( did not really have much raidtime back then because RofP wassn't raiding that much, my achievements does not show me which bosses i did kill and i can't really remember exactly. ):
Upper Blackrock Spire cleared for sure
Zul'Gurub Killed all execpt Hakkar the Soulflayer
Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj Can't remember 2 or 3 bosses
Onyxia's Lair Cleared
Molten Core Can't remember 2 or 3 bosses

TBC - most rewarding experience was downing Vashj pre proper nerf, and actually getting Hand of A'dal title

WotLK - Cleared Naxx, got stuck with RofP on Heroic. Then took a break from WOW - As part of a 10 man group downed LK on heroic just before Cata got launched.

Cata -
Blackwing Descent Cleared on normal. Heroic, Atramedes, Chimaeran, Magmaw and Maloriak.
Throne of the Four Winds Cleared on normal.
Bastion of Twilight Cleared on normal. Heroic, Halfus
Baradin Hold Cleared on normal.

Dragon Soul:
The Siege of Wyrmrest temple cleared on Normal and Heroic
Fall of Deathwing cleared on Normal, Ultraxion and Warmaster Blackhorn on Heroic.

4. Ok please remember that I have only just come back to the game am working on gear and remembering how to play my toon so this log will not look amazing, I was also having to learn the bosses as well. Please be kind Smile


5. Just reinstalled the game so i just got the basic addons and a dot timer. Can post more detail of this once I have this setup.

6. I've spend practically all my WoW life in RofP and have been through the highs and lows with them but I've now decided that with the amount of spare time I will have I really want to focus on being in a more progressed guild. Unfortunately RofP won't be able to do this for and I am hoping that Dragons will Smile

7. Alts:

Quicklick - Deathknight - lvl 85 - Tanked and Dps-ed in Cata and WotLK. - Played seems broken orso. its says 23days and just 4hours into lvl 85 when i did raid with RofP. Must be more.

Calamares - Warrior - lvl 83 - Arms PvP char

Magtheridon Realm: Quicklick - lvl 85 - druid resto

I got a few more but there not worth mentioning. There low lvl-ed lvl 70c ( or lower ) which i never touch.

8. From what I have heard from ex-RofP members in Dragons you sound like a guild that will really suit me. You are mature (i.e. aren't full of kids), take your raiding seriously but at the same time have fun in both /ra and /g.

i.I am availible for almost every raid, but ofc there will be times that I'll miss the occasional raid but will let you know if this is happening.

ii. I want to join dragons to part of a progressing guild and actually clear content whilst it is currently. Also to play with other skilled players and continue with 25 man raiding.

iii.An priest who wants to win. Loves to tweak and aims to be the best of his class. Trying to be funny. Social and mature when needs to be mature.

iv. Dareal (don't believe all he says Smile ), Mysti, Cala, Oge, Pucci.
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