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Nihal - DK - application

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Nihal - DK - application
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Name: Nihal

Age: 21

Class: Death Knight

Spec: 5/31/5 for now, cause i have 2/2 Chilblains for raid utility in 10 man raids.

Previous/current guild: Currently i'm in revelation (Quel'Thalas). Before i was in Unknown Entěty (vash'hjr) for like one week and before in Gloria Aeterna (Quel'Thalas). Revelation was also my guild during the 3.3.
I leaved Revelation the first time cause i was looking for a guild more oriented to progression, so i moved to Gloria Aeterna. There a lot of core raiders leaved, giving the guild a not solid raid schedule. It was too annoing to show up everytime a raid was scheduled just to learn we hadn't enough ppl to make it. So i tried to move to the best Italian guild i could find, Unknown Entěty, but there i discovered that my opinion about the most of italian guys was correct: they had some organization problems and couldn't make the raid invites properly (on the website one group should raid and then a completly different raid was done the evening), in short: not that smart and organized.

Wow Experience: well, i started to play a bit late, during 3.3. Got 12/12 normal and like 3 hc with my dk as tank, but the hc with the gread nerf. Cleared all on normal in 4.1 using a resto druid and in 4.2 i got 2/7 hc pre-nerf on my resto, that actually is pretty good geared. I have to explain i was forced to use my druid cause we were in a lack of healers everywhere i was moving.

Equipment: This is the link to my dk's armory. Right now is kinda bad geared. http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/quelthalas/Nihal/simple , but never had chances to use it during cata in raids. I'm actually doing like 18k dps on stand still bosses and 14-15k on movement bosses.
And this is my druid link to armory http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/quelthalas/Kurtalsir/simple. Here i got pretty nice numbers sometimes, like on Lord Rhyolith hc pre-nerf, i healed for 26k (10 man raid with 2 healers). Sadly i was not registered to WoL.

Reason: Well, since when i experienced the hc raids i can't hold on doing only normal ones. Basically i'm looking for a guild to stay in as long as possible.
I hate to change guild every 2 weeks, and i'm sad i had to do that for the reason i told you. I hope to find a place where to stay and to have friend and a laugh. I'm not saing i'm looking only for the social part ofc, but for me is impossible to feel good when raid if i don't know with who i'm raiding with.

Contact in guild: Actually noone. I'm a firend of Xenthi, a holy paladin that was in Dragons, but have no idea about how long and when.

Casual/Hardcore: I'll be busy only on Tuesday and Thursday cause i have lessons of Pa Kwa Chang till 20.00 st those days. If needed anyway i can skip some of those without any issue if busy in progress or if in a lack of ppl.

Time Played: On dk 52 days (19 days on lvl 85), on the druid 38 days (24 on lvl 85), on mage 24 days (10 on level 85), and i have also a rogue but i just dinged 85.

Well, ty to everyone that is gonna read my application. Hope to hear good news about it =P. Crossed finger... Nihal.
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Nicely written apply.

Yet armory shows you're missing quite some enchants (chest, bracers, gloves, boots), a gem in boots and your expertise and hit don't seem to be on raiding caps. Is it correct?


Death... Good choice. Not best choice maybe, but better than to fail and live.
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Joined: 28 Oct 2011
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You're completly right. I know it could seems i don't have any idea about my class and how to behave in a raid enviroment from my armory. But now i have to explain my reason: since i'm looking to join you i'm tring to do an upgrade to my current gear. I have 2185 vp right now, i'm gonna buy the chest from tier, so no point to spend money enchanting this one. Indeed i'm a noob to make money (my only source is spamming quests with alts and doing dailies) so as less as i can spend, the most i'm happy =P. I upgraded the wrist just yesterday, so still had no time to enchant it ( i'm gonna use the expensive enchant, major strength, not the one with crit or haste).
For the same reason (that i'm upgrading my gear right now) some stats can be altered. Usually i go for: 26 expertize is a must, hit rating is a hard argument. Indeed ej sais go for 8% hit chance (and they say 961 hit rating) but with 3/3 nerves of cold steel i have +3% on the chance. So currently i have 9.44% hit chance and i should be above the cap of ej. Anyway my target is to reach the spell hit rating cap ( currently i have 0.63% chance to miss on lvl 88 boss). Beside that i change my reforging and stat prio often. Indeed i don't belive in a only one reforge but dependin on boss i'm used to change it. For example, if i'm assigned to slow down a pack of adds, i'm gonna use frost presence instead of unholy one, go for mastery instead of haste (after hit and exp ofc), use 2/2 Chilblains and glyph Howling blast. Instead if on a boss with no need of slowing effect like Ragna i would use 0/2 Chilblains, no glyph of Howling Blast but Glyph of Icy Touch, go for haste instead of mastery after hit and exp and use unholy presence, then drop the 2 unspent points one in Virulence, so to have 3/3 and one in Lichborne, so to have the self heal that's pretty useful on the Aoe of Ragna to let the job of the healers to be lighter.
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accepted for a trial

80 Druid - Armory
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